We Are Lizards From Afar

Lizards From Afar (there is no “The” before the name) is a rock quartet originally hailing from Bloomington, Illinois. Formed in 1991 as a college rock group and disbanding in 1993, the band reformed in 2008 as a purely “virtual” band. Recording from separate locations, LFA exists now only on the internet, although there are some hopes that one day the group will reemerge from the cloud and once again take on corporal form to play a gig. For a brief history of LFA, click the history of LFA page on the sidebar menu.

Lizards From Afar went through several lineups in its early phase. In its current line up, LFA consists of (in their Lizard stage names):

Chopper Newt: lead vocals, guitar, bass

Sir Pent: drums, percussion, lyrics

the Gecko: guitar, synthesizer

Gator: lyricsQuantcast


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