Welcome Fans and Former Members!

This is the first (and only, so far as I know) blog devoted to the early 90s college rock phenomenon the Lizards From Afar. LFA formed in 1990 in central Illinois and broke up when the last members graduated from college in 1993. I was one of the guitarists for the band. Recently, I began digitally “remastering” the old, poor-quality tapes we made of our music. For fans and former members–with most of whom I’ve since lost touch–this site is to talk about and begin distributing mp3s of the old tunes.

I’m currently searching for a server space to host the mp3s. If anyone out there has suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

Lizards tunes soon!

The Gecko

P.S. The header art is a detail from a 1991 concert poster designed by former Lizard Serpentuh.


15 Responses to “Welcome Fans and Former Members!”

  1. This thing here is what we call a thing of beauty. Pure rawk fury in its middle thirties! WOOOO!

    – Gator

  2. The Gecko Says:

    Indeed it is! Welcome my old friend. Perhaps soon the web will be awash with our particular Lizard noise!


  3. Serpentuh Says:

    I too am leaving a comment!

    – Serpentuh

  4. Chopper Newt Says:

    Dag, yo. You said I was cool!

    It’s about dang time the Lizards established a web presence. Good on Gecko, thanks for taking the initiative, and it’s good to know you’re out there.

    Oddly, our very own Gila will be participating in a singing contest in Chicago tonight. Details are sketchy, and me and the Serpent will not be attending, but apparently he’s progressed through a few levels of competition to arrive at this point, so send the reptile vibes at about 10pm CDT for his continued success.

  5. Bullfrog (Rich) Says:

    Beware, Matt: When Bob sees your Comment Name, he is likely to selectively ignore the “l” and “ecko” in his mind. (he has a gift like that)

    Cool site. Me and Chopper and Serpentuh were just discussing (literally) how we were wanting the MP3s and Bob brought forth your link.

  6. Bullfrog (Rich) Says:

    PS… What is that Icon? Looks sortof like Charlie Brown being Ritually sacrificed by a Sathar. [only nerds would understand that, I’m sure]

  7. lfagecko Says:


    Anyway, the icon is the Dead Linus image–by Serpentuh. Used without permission! Sorry, Serpentuh. I hadn’t yet devised a better avatar for myself.

    And thanks, Chopper!

    I fixed the Stay With Me link, btw. I’ll post the whole How Old Is Your Sister albumn asap, but I still need to find a new server to put all the music up for any extended amount of time–I’m now using Miami University servers, which limit users space.

    Bob is getting some 12 megs on his company server for files, but it’s only temporary. We’ll find a more permanet solution soon.


  8. Serpentuh Says:

    Actually, we’ll have about 12 GIGA-bytes of space…but once again, it will only be available temporarily.
    My thought was that once all the “performers” had all the material, we could come up with something a little more permanent
    we could just use the MYSPACE page and I would rotate songs in and out regularly. (Unless Matt or someone else can come up with something else.)

    BTW-two performers that I have no idea how to contact…so any help?
    Tom (Komodo Dragon) from the third album
    Dave (Salvatore ‘Sal’ “A-Train” Mandyr) from the first and second albums

    OF NOTE: Ivan, Gordon wants to cover LFA material and asked Carm for permission and mp3s, which is what got this all started. Any idea how to contact him?

  9. I’ve got an old-ish address for him, I’ll try to send him something pointing in this direction.

    Heya, Chopper! Hi Froggie!

    Also: “Awash with our particular Lizard noise” is a great epitaph.

  10. Oh! Also: Gecko, can we point people to the mp3s, or is there a limit on the amount of bandwidth you want us to use from Miami?

  11. Chopper Newt Says:

    If any of you are Xbox Live nerds, FR me, my GT is CDStucky. Same on Playstation Network, but I don’t have many games.

    I’m a dork, regardless of Gecko’s kind estimation.

  12. Chopper Newt Says:

    BTW, I just found an old rehearsal tape of the original lineup. I’m going to check it out further tonight and I’ll let you know if it’s decent.

  13. lfagecko Says:

    I have mp3s of some “rehearsal” recordings–some of which I really dig, particularly “Nursery World,” which I think is better than the studio recording.

    Anyway, I’m going to post HOIYS now and then make a new entry.

  14. Serpentuh Says:

    You are awesome, getting all of this stuff up and so fast.
    I need to find a good rehearsal recording of Nursery World we did as Freep. I think you would dig it. We sped up the tempo and I “softened” some of my drum parts. (The only rehearsal versions I’ve found so far have big F-ups by the band OR the mix is horrible/unlistenable.)

  15. Chopper Newt Says:

    Just had a call from Gila, he bested the competition once again in the singing competition and will continue next week. He humbly asserts that he “tore it the f- up,” which I don’t doubt. I guess it is audience voting now that is determining outcome, wish I could get up there next week, but seems logistically unlikely.

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