How Old Is Your Sister?

Lizards Music Now Available!


I’ve posted (temporarily) all my Mp3s for How Old Is Your Sister? Find them under the Lizards’ Music page, on the title bar above–where I’ll post all Mp3s. These are uncompressed Mp3s, so they should work on any Mp3 player. If you use iTunes and iPod, you can convert them to AAC format, which compresses the file size a small amount.

I’m not sure how much bandwidth my Miami University server space can handle. But how many LFA fans can there really be? If things don’t work out here, I’ll find another solution.


The Gecko


7 Responses to “How Old Is Your Sister?”

  1. The Gecko Says:

    Just a quick note,

    I’ll leave these files up for about a week, then take them down to make space for others.

    Also, I’ll be out of comission for the next few days or even a week, so I may be slow answering any questions or addressing any problems with the site or with downloads (I just had a much delayed hernia operation! This Lizard is getting old, I guess).


  2. A hernia operation? Dude. DUDE. Next think you know, Gila will admit that he’s been wearing a toupee for the last five years.

    Heal up, Gecko.

  3. Serpentuh Says:

    Hernia?!?! You ARE getting old…but I gotcha beat:

    – In March I had my gall bladder removed after nearly 2 years of constant pain.
    – By the end of March I had developed pneumonia (from an airborne virus the hospital ASSURES me that I didn’t get at their hospital)
    – The pneumonia/left lung became infected
    – My lung & lung sack filled with fluid
    – The fluid became infected and solidified
    – Was in the hospital for a week where they puntured my lung and drained the fluid…TWICE
    – Sent me home and it came back within 3 days
    – My lung collapsed
    – Had invasive lung surgery where I had a very small chance of survival. (Luckily I did.)
    – Over 2 months of recovery time before I could come back to work
    – Along with constant pain that I will have to endure for the next “year”, I will also have a lifetime of permanent nerve damage to my chest area and arthritis from where they had to crack my ribs to get to the lung.

    …at least I’m alive though

  4. The Gecko Says:

    Oy vey! What a story!

    The shit that happens to us weakling humans….

    Glad you stayed with us, Bob.

  5. Serpentuh Says:

    Hope your experience goes MUCH better and MUCH faster than mine.
    (Can’t Keep A Good Lizard Down.)

  6. Bullfrog (Rich) Says:

    Wow, Bob! I gues me and You are “Removed Gall Bladder Buddies.”

    I count myself thankful to not be your “Pneumonia/infection/punctured lung/Rib Arthritis Buddy”

  7. Serpentuh Says:

    At least we’re still buddies…

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