Who Were the Lizards From Afar?

The answer requires a picture or two. Here are a few shots from the infamous 1991 Concert on the Quad at Illinois Wesleyan University:


From left to right: Gecko (guitar), Serpentuh (drums), Gator (bass guitar), Chopper Newt (guitar), Gila Monster (vocals).


Gecko and Gila.

(boy, were we geeks or what?–Gecko)

P.S. I know some of us were wondering what ever happened to the unofficial “sixth lizard,” Salvatore A-Train Mandyr. I found this link with a google search: http://www.ivpress.com/campus/sd/archives/000537.php

And here’s another picture from the 1992 LFA Concert at the Wesleyan Band Shell. Salvatore (aka. Dave) is on the left with the sax.



4 Responses to “Who Were the Lizards From Afar?”

  1. Chopper Newt Says:

    Look at my hair! LOOK AT IT!

  2. Serpentuh Says:

    Why do I look like I am taking a dump?

  3. Chopper Newt Says:

    You can catch some of Gila’s performance from Tuesday on http://www.bar1sbigbreak.com/index.asp. It’s a montage of contestants, his piece is about halfway through and he’s singing the break from “Whole Lotta Love”. Some of the contestants showed comments from the “judges”, a la Idol, though I think it’s an audience vote at this point. Anyway, like most live video, it’s tough to tell how the performances would have sounded if you were there. Most of them were not great, but a couple were way worse than our boy, so hopefully he made it through… I still haven’t heard anything for sure and the site doesn’t say.

  4. Serpentuh Says:

    Gila is still in the contest and I think there are 3 (maybe only 2) more rounds.

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