Kick The Habit Now Available

Kick The Habit Cover

Click on the Kick The Habit page in the menu above to download all KTH mp3s. I’ve now removed all the LIVE! at Illinois Wesleyan University mp3s to make space on the server. If you still need those tunes, post a message: I will still provide them by request. That goes for the other mp3s, too.

Next week I will post Tantric Pathways.

Matt (Gecko)


5 Responses to “Kick The Habit Now Available”

  1. Chopper Newt Says:

    Serpent was looking for a copy of Circular Motion, and I thought I had it on my KTH master cassette since it was recorded during that weekend (I thought), but I can’t find it. Do you have that one anywhere?

  2. The Gecko Says:

    Sorry, I don’t have it. In fact, I have no memory of it at all. What is Circular Motion?

    I don’t have a KTH master cassette, either. You do? It would be fun to have the original 4-track cassettes so I could remix everything.


  3. Circular Motion was a “humorous” song I wrote in High School based on catch phrase my friend Carl used to use:
    “Went to see Pam last night. Did a little…Cir-cu-lar Mo-tion!”
    So I wrote the song and, while we were recording KTH we did a 1 off take of this song so that I could give it to him. It was on the KTH master tape.

  4. Chopper Newt Says:

    I don’t have the 4-track tapes, just the “master” we mixed them down to.

  5. lfagecko Says:

    BTW, I was able to remove a ton of tape noise from the KTH recording, so in some ways it sounds better than the original, but if you listen closely to really quiet parts of the tunes (e.g., Serpentuh crying out “123456789101112” in “Lady Bugs Picnic” it sounds like he’s underwater. I’m not sure why that happens, but the worse the tape noise, and the stronger the noise filter, the more the original sound is degraded.


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