Tantric Pathways


LFA’s third and final official recording session, Tantric Pathways (or as I prefer to call it TP) is now available for download. I decided not to wait the whole week. If anyone missed downloading KTH, those mp3s are now off line, but available by request.

Next week, I’ll post some of the Lizard rehearsal recordings that I have.

Matt (Gecko)


6 Responses to “Tantric Pathways”

  1. Is that Tom Brook singing? i remember that guy.

  2. The Gecko Says:

    Yes, it is. Has anyone been able to find him, by the way?


  3. Serpentuh Says:

    Someone remembers the Komodo Dragon! Awesome!
    Now, does anyone know where he is?

  4. Serpentuh Says:

    Could this be him?

    I already logged in and asked if it was him. Hopefully will get a response soon.

  5. The Gecko Says:

    It has got to be he.

  6. Serpentuh Says:

    He hasn’t responded though. (Hope I didn’t get him in trouble at work…)

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