Kick The Habit Back By Popular Request

Kick The Habit Cover

Well, by the request of one person, really.

I’ll repost more “Basement Sessions” when I have the chance to re-master them. For now, they are off-line and Kick the Habit is back on-line.

I’m still looking through old tapes for other lost rehearsal recordings. At one point I had a really great version of “Crossroads,” but I’m unable to find it. Does anyone have the rehearsal recording of this tune? If so, and you would like to make and send me a copy, I can digitize and post.



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  1. Serpentuh Says:

    I wish I had a good recording of that song…as I really dislike the one that ended up on the album. (Had no kick to it.)

  2. The Gecko Says:

    I can’t believe I would have thrown away the tape I had of it, but it may have been lost to the winds of time. Anyway, I’ll go through what I have when I get the chance and post anything of value.


  3. Serpentuh Says:

    I’ll try this weekend to dig out any old cassettes I have out of the closet and see if there is anything LFA or Freep related. I really don’t think so, though.

  4. mucho thankyoudos to the Lizzids for reposting these!

    now i’m spearheading a Lizards resurgence here in Korea.. you guys work on North America.. I got Asia covered.

  5. Asia. Why don’t you just take the EASIEST continent. Geez.

  6. The Gecko Says:

    Hell, I can’t even get anyone in Ohio interested in the Lizards.

  7. Have you submitted our names for inclusion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? (Since you are nearby?)

  8. The only tape I found that “might” be of any interest is an original mix-down tape of Kick the Habit. It has the songs before we mixed in the movie and tv quotes. (I think, I’ve only listened to Whoops so far…will listen to the rest in the car on the way to work tomorrow.)

  9. re: funk this college life.. in the last 25 seconds of the song (last verse out) the backup singers descend into chaos behind The Gator.. I assume his “aw man, you guys are all hopped up on goofballs and stuff” was a reaction to them.. can you let us, the fans, know what happened in the studio at that moment? (if remembered.. i realize it was about 15 years ago)

  10. This is Gator’s song and, as such, he should tell HIS memories of recording it.

  11. Chopper Newt Says:

    I think he scripted it that way and it was not in reaction to anything happening at the time. I think it was an MST3K reference. Just my 2 cents.

    Wait… there were TV and Movie quotes mixed in to KTH?

  12. My memory was that, as the lead vocals were being recorded the rest of the band surrounded the singer and did the back up vocals at the same time, on the same track. (as we did with most of the songs)
    I’m pretty sure that particular vocal recording was a one-take affair. By the time we got to the end of the song, we were all being very silly…hence the screams, cat-calls and such. (All sanctioned by Gator.)
    If I’m right, Gator actually went in AFTER we recorded the vocals and did the “You guys are all hopped up on goofballs and stuff” on a separate track (the lead guitar track?). He had asked us if it we would be offended if he did that…and nobody cared.
    Chopper is correct, though…it is direct quote (almost) from an episode of MST3K. Gator found it particularly funny and used it a lot.
    So it was all very scripted madness.

  13. The Gecko Says:

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the mic click back on before Gator adds his little quote.

  14. That’s hilarious. I love stuff like that. I am going to listen to that tomorrow to check it out.
    The one thing like that I always hated: Dead Linus, in the beginning you can hear the spring on my drum pedal squeeking…

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