Save Us! It’s the Lizards From Afar In Concert!

Lady Bugs Picnic video

Video of the LFA concert at the Illinois Wesleyan Bandshell, spring 1992, now on Serpentuh’s Myspace page. (click on Videos)

Those guys should have kicked me out well before this. My guitar sounds great, though–so perhaps that saved me. Get a load of my guitar solo on “Stars!”

But Chopper Newt is my rock’n’roll hero all over again now.


13 Responses to “Save Us! It’s the Lizards From Afar In Concert!”

  1. I have uploaded a few more songs/videos from this concert!
    All available at the myspace page!!!

  2. The Gecko Says:

    Ah, will the mortification of the Gecko ever end?

  3. Not with 19 more potential videos to load, it won’t.

  4. The Gecko Says:

    I’d like to get this converted to mp3. Have you done that, Bob? If not, I could probably do it, if I had the mpegs.

    We didn’t sound bad at all.

  5. I have them ALL converted to mp3…all 24 songs. (What were we thinking? 24 SONGS!!)
    I thought I would begin distributing them next week. Wanted to give the site an “exclusive” in the beginning.

  6. Chopper Newt Says:

    Serpent and I watched the whole DVD Saturday night on my big screen. It is so, so, so much more entertaining than I remembered. And there were a couple moments where we actually kicked up enough fury to give me a little chill. (Other moments were kind of not so good).

    All in all, a fun watch.

  7. What specifically gave you a chill?
    The drum break in Detox or the drum solo after Detox or any of my backing vocals…or my haircut?

  8. New video posted…Grain Elevator/Funk This College Life!!

  9. The Gecko Says:

    Boy that’s a cool video. We were better than I thought. If only I could have loosened up back then. I was wound up tighter than … something really tight.

    Why did Gator curse Chopper out in the middle of the tune, though? Or was he cursing me?

  10. Pardon my French, but Gecko was so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond…

    That was all part of Gator’s schtick for that song. He said he was going to do it during our last rehearsal before the concert. I think we all warned him that it would sound MORE like he was ‘cursing us’ than some jokey part of the song.

  11. The Gecko Says:

    Cliches. Boring.

  12. The Gecko Says:

    Where did the recording of Bob’s Your Uncle come from on the myspace page? I don’t remember recording that.

  13. It was another of those, real quick…turn on the recorder and let Bob and Ivan get this out of their system so that we can get back to serious stuff kind of things.
    Chopper’s Parent’s basement
    KTH recording session weekend

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