Seen the Videos? Download the Music!


Well, okay, I only have one mp3 right now from the 1992 LFA concert at the IWU bandshell. Serpentuh holds all the rest in his grasping claws. But I was spared the horrors of work this morn so I did not scruple to brazenly rip the music right off of the Lady Bugs Picnic video. I can always steal the rest and post them here for all you rabid LFA fans if Bob does not oblige us by releasing them soon!

Edit 3 October: I’ve now also posted Whoops…Democracy! and Stars.

Edit 15 January 2008: These will be available under the Live! IWU 1992 page on the right.


4 Responses to “Seen the Videos? Download the Music!”

  1. I’m holding them all in case you ever decide to run for public office.
    That way I have some blackmail material.

  2. Har har. But really, we are so rocking. Even I rock. Dig my Georgia Satellites guitar solo!

    I found several suspiciously LFA-looking tapes in my foot locker while back in Ohio last week, by the way. I just have to get my hands on a new cassette player here in Brooklyn so I can see what’s on them and possibly remaster them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been paid yet and I’ve already spent my paycheck when it does arrive. So, unless I can borrow one, more unearthed LFA tunes will have to wait.

  3. I’ve “ripped” a bunch of other videos so I can post these as mp3s soon.

    I’m wondering what the proper order of tunes is in the concert. Serpentuh?

  4. I’ll work on the list one of these days when my son goes to bed before 11PM…
    I’ve got the correct order on the “full DVD”. I just put up the songs in order of ‘my opinion’ of best performances. (I didn’t originally intend to post all 22 songs on the website, but since I’m practically there at this point…)

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