Absolutely Nothing New To Add Here

Nope, nothing new in Lizardom on this site. Except for one thing: I might have a solution for posting all the Lizards From Afar mp3s…. but, does anyone else want them who doesn’t already have them? That’s a mighty big question. Anyone still need them?

Meanwhile, Serpentuh’s Lizards From Afar Myspace page has taken over the Lizards world. Videos, active blogs (well, so three of us occasionally write responses to Serpentuh’s meandering memoirs on Lizards From Afar history), and… well, not much else. But it’s more than is happening here!

Meanwhile, I spent the evening walking from the Upper East Side down to the 42nd street library, and now I’m trying to figure out where I’d like to scrounge up some food. It’s too bad there are so few places to eat in New York. Terrible town for restaurants.



11 Responses to “Absolutely Nothing New To Add Here”

  1. That depends on what the solution would be.
    I know that there are people that might still want to download…

  2. I’ve found several file hosting sites that are free if one’s account is under a certain number of gigs, and they allow linking to each file. So, given some time, I could post each LFA mp3 file. When will I have time? Perhaps in January.

    I was kidding about New York and restaurants, of course. The real problem is deciding which place to go. I can now recommend the Cornelia St. Cafe in the Village. Great steak and fries.


  3. I’m wary of those sites. I tried something in the VERY early days of the myspace page, where you could host your files at one of those free sites and then post as many songs as you want on the page.
    1) I got dozens of e-mails asking me to “upgrade” my service to ‘pay’
    2) If I didn’t log in daily, you couldn’t get to the hosted files.

    …and I figgered you wuz kid’n about NY eats…

  4. -repost-
    I’d like to get my hands on any recordings you might have of “Bob’s Your Uncle” or anything (of your originals) that’s not on any of the albums.

    thanks lads.

    (and fer fooks sake, man, don’t pay if you don’t have to)

  5. The Gecko Says:

    I have no versions of that tune, but Serpentuh had it on the myspace page. Maybe he’ll repost.

  6. I’ll e-mail you a copy.

  7. Maybe not…Comcast screwed up my account and all of my contacts are gone…
    Well, if you still have my e-mail address, e-mail me and I will reply with the file.

  8. e-mail me a copy, too, and I’ll post it on the Basement Sessions page.

  9. Oh, I forgot: adkinsgm AT gmail.com.

    Do you want an invitation for a gmail account?

  10. I’ll send it to you in a few minutes.

  11. Sent, and I see that it is posted under the Basement Tapes section.

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