Lizards From Afar Mp3s Back Online

Mp3s of How Old Is Your Sister?, the Lizards From Afar’s ground-breaking first recording, Kick The Habit, LFA’s fantastic second recording, and Tantric Pathways, LFA’s rather bizarre third recording, are back online, this time for good (such as things are these days!). Click on the menu items above to get the Mp3s. Other mp3s coming soon(er or later). Enjoy!

Meanwhile, it snows in NYC.

Edit 12/13: I added mp3s of the Concert on the Quad today. Click on the LFA Live! IWU 1991 menu above.



4 Responses to “Lizards From Afar Mp3s Back Online”

  1. You don’t have any way of confirming if people are downloading from this or not, do you?

  2. The Gecko Says:

    I can see how many people have viewed any particular page, although not who has viewed a page, unless he or she leaves a comment. I can tell you that only two people have viewed the blog recently! (and one was probably I, the other you!). Nobody is downloading LFA tunes right now. Maybe if I get some new material up there, which won’t be anytime soon. Maybe next month. There’s not much left, however.

    I’ll see if there’s anyway of setting up a download counter.

  3. Hey, I just read that they now offer 3GB of space to any account.

  4. But I don’t think they allow mp3 files.

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