Bob’s Your Uncle

Serpentuh has shared his mp3 of Bob’s Your Uncle, now posted under the Basement Sessions page. When I return to Brooklyn at the end of the month I can re-post the the other Basement Sessions (and I’m still hoping to re-master a few other lost recordings).

SerpentuhSpeaking of Bob, Serpentuh has kindly agreed to become a contributor to this blog. If any other former Lizards would like to contribute blog posts to this site, let me know.


3 Responses to “Bob’s Your Uncle”

  1. I just posted a new blog on the myspace site about recording TP.
    All should go read and add.

  2. That icon is very familiar, Serp, but it’s just not coming to me.

  3. It’s the DVD cover from Legends of the Fall.
    However, I replaced that rather ugly Brad Pitt with a significantly more handsome gentleman. (me.)

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