I’ve been reading about and and pondering setting up an LFA “best-of” album there for kicks. Yeas or Nays? If Yea, which songs would you choose as the best (best being a relative term)?


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  1. I say absolutely!

    My list, in no particular order:

    Nursery World
    Devil Went Down To Georgia
    Giddy With Dread
    Stay With Me
    Mick Says (this one is a surprise, but I gotta tell ya…people love it.)
    Whoops! Democracy
    Ladybugs Picnic
    Last Train
    No Remorse
    Then I Fall

  2. Chopper Newt Says:

    Serp’s list is pretty good. I would remove Whoops and add Grain/Funk. Also, Dead Linus really should make the cut. Mick Says… if you say so dude.

  3. I’d say Whoops has to stay as it’s my favorite tune. Nursery World from HOIYS isn’t very good, however (bad mixing IMO). I’d use the “Basement Sessions” version (which I’m going to repost soon now that I’m back in good ol’ Brooklyn).

    Edit: I posted several tunes in Basement Sessions.

    Serpentuh: Do you want to create a Best-Of Album cover?

  4. I know Chopper now hates Mick Says, but as the LFA has been introduced here at work, it has become the underground hit. It’s actually on several people’s playlists.

    I agree that Dead Linus should be on the list, but it’s a song that is fun for me to play, but not fun to listen to. It is a song that gets a LOT of attention and polarizes a lot of people. Any song that can do that has to have some kind of merit.

    Grain/Funk…I’m just not happy with the recording of this song. For a song like this to be successful, it needs to be a LOT tighter than we are. Also, the vocals are too all over the place/haphazard. (I know it’s like that on purpose in spots…but in others it just sounds sloppy to me.)

    My list is compiled with songs that I think are solid recordings, represent the albums and work well together.

    As far as a greatest hits cover. Yes. I can come up with something…but I would need suggestions on what we want to do:
    – “Best of”
    – “Greatest Hits”
    – Married to God, the greatest hits of the Lizards from Afar

    Do we want a completely new design or try to play off the old covers?

  5. If I could cut “Grain Elevator” out of “Funk,” I would. Maybe I can!

    And let’s not talk about a “LOT of attention” and the Lizards in one sentence.

    I think I already came up with our album cover: Bloomington Democracy. Except, I suppose that should be our next LP of all new music that we will NEVER produce.

    Incidentally, anyone read Slash’s new memoir/biography?

    I’d play off the old covers, but that’s because I have no new ideas.

  6. Chopper Newt Says:

    Love the Married to God one, but it should correctly be “MTG: The BEST of LFA”, as truly, we didn’t have any hits. I respectfully disagree about the recording of Grain/Funk, I think it sounds just right. I don’t hate Mick Says, I’m just tired of it. It’s a one-joke deal, and after you’ve heard it more than a million times, it ain’t funny anymore. I expect the people still listening to it with fresh ears have a different take on it, and that’s fine. I’m also fine with any alternate takes that would be better than studio recordings, as that seems to be the case a lot.

  7. Married to God
    The Best of
    Lizards from Afar

    Nursery World
    Devil Went Down To Georgia
    Giddy With Dread
    Stay With Me (demo version)
    Mick Says
    Whoops! Democracy (sans Rocky & Bullwinkle intro)
    Grain Elevator/Funk This College Life
    Ladybugs Picnic (sans 1-12 countoff that you can’t hear anyway)
    Then I Fall
    No Remorse
    Last Train

    I will begin working on a cover design. Somebody should probably check with Gator to see if he agrees with song choices. (I’d say the same about Gila…but he doesn’t reply to e-mails…)

  8. Important to note: we can’t really post Devil Went Down To Georgia as part of any album as we don’t possess the rights to that song. Not only does Sonific forbid it but we _could_ get sued. I guess that goes for Ladybugs’ Picnic, which is too bad (although it’s possible no one would ever recognize it!)

    I’d ixnay Giddy, too, only because I hate my guitar on that one, but I’m willing to be overruled. I might also vote for the truncated live version of Runt. And what about Fallin’ Down Drunk? You’re The One? Definitely Dead Linus (perhaps the live version?)

    Thus far I think we agree on:

    Nursery World (but I’d say the demo version one)
    Stay With Me (I like both the studio and the demo)
    Whoops! Democracy
    Ladybugs’ Picnic (if we risk using it)
    Last Train
    No Remorse (which I like but it is somewhat derivative)
    Then I Fall

    By the way, Bob, can we ever get the Mp3s of the Bandshell concert?

  9. I don’t get the Married to God thing.

  10. Nuns are supposedly “married to the lord”…that’s why they cannot marry.

    Also, what if we just “re-named” Devil…I mean, it’s hardly the same song anyway…
    Just call it Devil?

  11. I tried to make a post, but I don’t think that it worked.
    Anyway, check this out for album cover:

  12. I don’t know why you couldn’t make your own post. I’ll try to figure it out.

    If I have any vote at all in this little “Best of” endeavor, I’d say I’m opposed to the whole MTG idea. And that cover would actually make me think we’re a religious band. Since I’m an atheist I just don’t like it. Sorry, Serp.

    I still like “Bloomington Democracy.” Also, I was listening to my “Classic Yes” album on the train from Queens today which give me the idea of “Classic Lizards From Afar.” We weren’t very good, but we were classic.


    P.S. I looked at the WordPress userguide: Serpentuh, you are a “contributor” which means you can write, edit, and save posts, but you can’t publish them. I have to hit “publish” to make them appear on the blog. Seeing as how you already posted the link here in the comments, I don’t suppose I need to publish it. Also, you should be able to upload pictures directly into WordPress and not bother with links. If you’d like to make a post where we can decide upon a “best of” cover, be my guest. I’ll publish it when I get it.

  13. Couldn’t figure out how to post a pic, so here is a link to a DIFFERENT idea for an album cover…

  14. Chopper Newt Says:

    I like the boxers.

    I love Runt, but I can’t imagine letting it out without the ending. In my mind, that was a one-time, had to be there experience. But I feel you on that one.

  15. You can add a link to a picture in comments (which wouldn’t work with Myspace since one has to log in). You can add pictures directly to posts, however.

    The Hits Package is funny. What else have you got?

  16. That’s all I’ve got so far.

    I tried coming up with something for Bloomington Democracy…but just can’t come up with anything.

    I’ve got a great pic of a nun taking a hit off of a b0ng!! I was going to try to come up with some kind of “hit” or “hits” reference…but haven’t got it quite yet.

  17. A nun taking a hit off a bong? Now THAT could be funny. Except there’s no good way to make a reference to “hits” and our songs. Unless one counts the “hits” with the IWU crowd. Did we ever even get play on the IWU radio station?

    What did you, or someone, name the album cover nun? Sister Mary Bulemia, or some such nonsense?

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