The Yoko Remix!

Should I be working? Indeed I should. Instead, because it’s my birthday, I tried to “remix” Serpentuh’s song “Yoko.” I was always annoyed by the timing screw up at the end, so I thought I’d try to get rid of it. You can judge how well I succeeded–it ain’t perfect, but it might be better than before. I also messed with the sound a little, including splitting the track into two tracks and panning each one to the right and left–for a “big stereo” sound. I also added a compressor effect.

I also tried to fix the timing error in the beginning of Chopper Newt’s “Stay With Me,” but haven’t yet been able to succeed, even passably. Maybe soon.

Here’s the Yoko Remix



2 Responses to “The Yoko Remix!”

  1. I need to listen to it through headphones instead of computer speakers, but I can give THIS feedback:
    1- Vocals seem to sound like they are more “part of the song” than “karaoke”
    2- The guitar solo sounds even better (& yes, I liked the previous solo…but the effect makes it sound cooler)
    3- The timing F-up sounds a LOT better (I thank you)

    1- The hi-hat is still WAY too high in the mix…but there’s probably not much that you can do about that now
    2- This may be just because I was listening to it on the built in computer speakers, but it sounds like a lot of the low end is getting lost.

    Otherwise…I dig.

  2. I bought some sound editing software, but I’ve found it’s still very difficult to fix those timing errors without making an audible “jump” in the music. Maybe I’ll figure it out. It’s also nearly impossible to “add” music because live recording has a LOT of tempo drift (which makes it sound more human).

    I can probably tone down the hi-hats, but it will affect the whole song, of course, since I don’t have different tracks for each instrument. Adding a compressor filter made the whole thing a little muddy, unfortunately, but I was trying to make the song have a more even volume.

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