The Repair of Stay With Me

During a “break” today (after working for a while on a book review and then trudging out into the New York snow to look for a Valentine’s Day Gift–and I have to say I found a good one–but before writing a lecture for tomorrow’s class), I decided to have a go at fixing the timing error once again in “Stay With Me,” the iconic LFA song from How Old Is Your Sister? It’s not perfect, but not bad. I also added just a teensy tiny bit of reverb. So, give me your opinions.

Stay With Me (fixed?)

With Feedback! 


21 Responses to “The Repair of Stay With Me”

  1. Chopper Newt Says:

    Can you make it less sappier?

    I haven’t heard the re-do, I’m at work and they don’t let me download such things for some reason. I’ll try to remember to get it at home soon and give you some feedback.

    That reminds me, could you add some feedback to it also?

  2. Still sounds weird.

    I guess the “fix the beat because your crappy drummer can’t keep time on the simplest of songs” filter has not been perfected yet.

    I got some feedback for ya, ya should’ve kept that drummer friend of Geckos’ from ISU. You wouldn’t be dealing with this kind of stuff now.

  3. Chopper Newt Says:

    Jeez, true dat.

  4. I guess I really WAS the weak-link in the band.

  5. No, that guy didn’t have no soul. He hammered on your drums in a most unfeeling way. Anyway, anybody can miss the beat. We should have just re-recorded. I can’t seem to fix the error perfectly, however, since I have to manually “cut” the sound and reset the tempo where the error occurs. I tried overlapping the two “cuts” but I keep getting an audible “blip” in the music.

    You want feedback! real, honest-to-god feedback! Okay, I’ll upload a version with feedback in a little while.

    And I don’t think the song is sappy, or at least its sappiness is part of its kitsch appeal.

  6. Kitsch appeal? So it’s in the same category as, say:
    Tiptoe Through The Tulips
    I’m Too Sexy
    Disco Duck

  7. I believe history will show that the bassist was the weakest link, period. The man was hired for his hair, which he cut before the first sessions, and only pity and the fact that his car worked kept him in. True that!

  8. Chopper Newt Says:

    Dear Serpent,

    You suck.


  9. Do you like the feedback?

    I have to confess I also did a dance-rave version of SWM, sampling bits of the song here and there. I’m not sure I’ll ever “release” it, however.

    Boy, I get off line a few hours today and all of a sudden everybody’s posting on the blog.

  10. Chopper Newt Says:

    I think the fix would have worked if the part you seem to have used as a patch were being played at the same tempo as the part being replaced. I mean, you did a fine job, no doubt about it, very seamless. I think the only reason I can hear it is because it highlights how much we sped up and slowed down over the course of the recording. Which I am not at all saying is Serpent’s fault. Not even hinting at that.

  11. Chopper Newt Says:

    More feedback, also. And I think the rave version absolutely needs to be dragged out. Maybe instead of a greatest hits, we can have Cirque Du Soleil re-imagine our catalog as a fantasia of gay acrobats and sequins. Wait, sorry, that does sound awesome…

  12. When I import our songs into my cool new music recording/editing software it shows how much the tempo “drifts,” which is remarkable, but totally understandable. All music played by a live human will have tempo drift, although one can minimize it by listening to a metronome while playing. The software I have (Mixcraft) provides a lesson on “fixing” songs with tempo drift, but I haven’t really been able to do it perfectly. Not enough time, I suppose. The fix involves “cutting” the song right before every drift and then speeding up or slowing down the new section to match some defined tempo (usually the one the song begins with). And if the song misses a beat, like SWM, it is even harder to fix.

    I can post the rave version next week, some time. I didn’t bring my computer back to Ohio for the weekend.

  13. Dear CN,
    I know.


  14. Chopper Newt Says:

    “All music played by a live human will have tempo drift, although one can minimize it by listening to a metronome while playing.”

    Particularly if that human is unusually small, hairy and hobbit-like to begin with, I expect.

  15. Does that make Bob a sort of metrognome? Does he dress well enough? If not, I suppose he’s just a plain old heterognome.

    Oh, yes, on SWM, I did not use a patch, I simply cut the sound before and after the fuck up and tried messing with the tempo and even overlapping the sounds to make the beats match up better. It didn’t work very well.

  16. Chopper Newt Says:


  17. Gecko…I hate you…

    You DO realize that Chop will never give that up. Or even worse, will tell it to DeBarba.

  18. Sorry, it was too funny to resist.

  19. Nope. Least funny thing ever. Hear that Chopper? Nobody thinks it’s funny. So you should probably just forget that it was ever mentioned. That would probably be best for everyone, but mostly me.

  20. METROGNOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I hate all of you.

    I’m taking my toys and going home!

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