Song List for Best Of

How many and which ones?


47 Responses to “Song List for Best Of”

  1. Chopper Newt Says:

    I don’t have a song list suggestion right now, but Serpent and I were conversing and we want to know if the tape of Gator on Larry King was REALLY and TRULY destroyed…

  2. I fully agree. I was never allowed to hear it! I must! I must!

  3. All right, my mp3 Playlist is as follows. I’ve adapted it slightly to make it less lengthy.

    HOT ROCKS – Best of the LFA

    Three Foot Etc
    Whoops! Democracy
    Hey Bert
    Stay WIth Me
    Always a Woman
    Ladybug’s Picnic
    Nursery World
    Mick Says
    Train Song
    You’re the One
    Devil Went Down
    You’re Crazy Mon
    Giddy With Dread
    Solomon’s Ring
    Dead Linus Glass Cow
    The Gateway (big delay)

  4. Oh, and if Larry King exists, I don’t know how or where. Sorry, lads.

  5. Chopper Newt Says:

    Oh Larry exists. Ask his 56 ex-wives.

    Good to hear from you Gate.

  6. My take on the Gator list (&am reserving any discussion on song order):

    Three Foot Etc
    Whoops! Democracy
    Hey Bert (only if we fade out before the TV quote part)
    Stay WIth Me (Demo Version)
    Ladybug’s Picnic
    Nursery World
    Mick Says
    Train Song
    You’re the One
    Devil Went Down
    Giddy With Dread
    Dead Linus (minus Glass Cow)
    The Gateway (big delay)

    Hidden Bonus Track: The King and I (Gator’s call-in to Larry King)

  7. You both like my uber-delayed version of the Gateway? Hmm.

    I’d like to remind you that we can’t technically post anything on sonific to which we don’t “own” the copyright–although there might be some leeway if we’re truly giving away the music and not selling it. I can look into it. But if not, that would count out Ladybugs, Devil, and You’re Crazy.

    I’d vote for the Basement sessions version of Nursery World over the “official” one, too. It’s better, if a little slow (I _could_ speed it up a little).

  8. I liked a lot of what you did with Tantric Pathways, and had always thought you might do well looking into writing music for soundtracks and incidentals. Christopher Tin ( has done well with it and I think you’d be an excellent composer.

    The Sonific point is a good one, if terribly unfortunate. I wasn’t clear that we were looking to post this there, so let’s cut those entirely.

  9. Do you know about I only just came across it and realized “independent” musicians could post their music on the site. Maybe it’s a stupid idea. Probably is.

  10. No, I’m new to the site. I assumed you’d researched it already : )

  11. Well, I did read the site info, if you call that research. I thought it would be fun to post our stuff there, but when I think about it for more than a minute I have to wonder why we should do it.

    But, we’ve already gone this far. My list would include:

    Stay With Me
    You’re the One
    Dead Linus
    Nursery World (demo version)
    Whoops! Democracy
    Funk This College Life
    Channeling Lou
    Then I Fall
    Last Train
    Detox (live version?)

  12. I say you go with whatever you think is best. This is your baby.
    (Although I would prefer not to include Channeling Lou…I know you all like it, but I just don’t think it’s one of our best. Sorry Gator.)
    I prefer No Remorse to that.

  13. No, I agree with Serpentuh – Channeling Lou was a beautiful dream in rehearsal but it never quite gelled in recording.

    Honestly, if you look over my top list, you’ll note that my “singing” is entirely absent. I had fun doing it but would prefer to never hear my own attempts again, so if you’re adding them in just to retain parity, consider this valid permission to pretend I never, ever stood in front of a microphone. : )

  14. Okay, I’ll come up with a final list this week and post it here. I’ll keep Gator’s singing off of it, although I really like CL. Can we try re-recording that song?

    I’m now stuck in the airport once again waiting on my plane to NYC. And this time I have to get there. Fuck. I blame Nyarlathotep.

  15. Oh, leave on CL if need be. I agree with the serpentuh, it’s largely your baby and without your efforts we wouldn’t all be talking so much for the first time in umpteen years. Of all of them, CL is my favorite, since I’m talking more than singing.

    Fuck Nyarlathotep! HASTUR! HASTUR! HASTUR!

  16. I rate Conspiracist as Gators greatest vocal triumph…and funniest…

  17. …and yes, I would be up for re-recording it. A ton of greatest hits albums have an updated, re-recording of a minor hit!
    Channeling Lou 2008

  18. Ya know what? I just listened to KTH from front to back on the way home from work tonight. (I wanted to give Lou a fresh listen and decided for the whole meal.)
    That whole album is good. I’m even going to pat myself on the back and say that Yoko is a GOOD song.
    Anyway, I guess I’m saying I’m good with anything from KTH!

  19. Another note…if we were to re-record Channeling Lou, what would everyone think of having some very light banjo in the background.
    I have a banjo.

  20. I don’t know what to say about that.

    And anyway, I haven’t worked out the logistics of rerecording anything, and I’m so exhausted I can’t figure it out now. Will get back to you.

    I’ve got to quit living on 5 hours of sleep or less.

  21. Chopper Newt Says:

    I’m coming to this topic late, but Metro and I have discussed a few ways that recording could happen in our situation, mostly dependent on people having relatively up to date computers, but I’ve got an old copy of Cool Edit Pro 2.0 that I use for my VO stuff that I could, uh, pass around, allowing people to lay tracks on their own via mailed CD-R’s for WAV quality, it’d be cumbersome but I’m convinced it’d work.

    So anyway, just saying it’s not unpossible.

  22. AH HA HA HA HA HA. AHA. ::wipes tear away::

    You are all assuming that I still even own a bass, much less remember how to play any song except You’re The One. I haven’t touched a musical instrument since ’95.

    Except an ill-fated harmonica class at the Old Town School of Folk Music, where I was barely able to squeak out a tormented, off-key, lurching version of “Frankie and Johnny Were Lovers” after eight weeks and over a hundred dollars.

  23. I thought about this, too, while on the train to work this morn.

    I have Mixcraft, which is a full music recording studio software application–although to really do a good job I’d have to get, eventually, a USB capable mixing board, microphones and, of course, an electric guitar. BUT I do have my acoustic-electric. I’m going to try recording the basic guitar part to a song, say Channeling Lou, using Mixcraft and its onboard metronome, or even a drum part to keep me in time. I can save the guitar part out as a WAV file and upload it (if possible). Serp could download it and, using whatever software he can get, record the drums as a separate WAV file. If they are all in the same time, I can easily reassemble them in Mixcraft. Then we can go to the other instruments and vocals. Ideally, each one would be a separate WAV file so I could edit and mix all of them on separate tracks (and there’s, I think, a virtually unlimited number of tracks).

    Cool Edit Pro is an excellent application, so I’ve heard, so if you can “share” it, that would work very well. The new version, Adobe Audition, costs a bundle, tho’: about $350. I can recommend Mixcraft, too, which is a measely $65.

    The more down I get about being a professor, the more fun this sounds!

  24. Someone else can play the bass part, so long as Gator supplies his poetic abilities and beautiful chanting.

  25. If by some bizarre quirk of fate this were to work, perhaps we should make Bloomington Democracy a new album with a few rerecorded old favs and some new tunes. Can you imagine a band recording from different states? Well, I’m in a different state, anyway.

  26. Chopper and I (Serpnetuh…not this “Metro” person) have been talking a while about new recording exactly as you described above.
    Not necessarily to put together an album or be in a band, but just as a hobby/creative outlet/way to spend less time with family.
    Someone has an idea, everyone can contribute.
    If Gator no longer desires to be Mr. Bass Man, he could contribute song ideas.

    However, I think we should move forward wtih Bloomington Democracy as a greatest hits…and I DO think that we should re-record Lou for it.

  27. Chopper Newt Says:

    Software will not be a problem, I’m your pusher.

    And yeah, let’s have the greatest hits be just that, and save the new stuff (if such becomes manifest) for it’s own thing – putting them up on the myspace page, etc.

  28. …I’m on a Mac…

  29. Chopper Newt Says:

    Dear Metro-

    FU and your Mac. Hipster douche.


    I have a lyric I’m really proud of, I did music for it with Freep but it never really worked at all. If you want, I’ll send you the lyric and you can see if you’ve got any music ideas – it would be one way to get started on some new Lizards IP if we want to do that. Let me know.

  30. I know I was supposed to come up with the Best Of song list this week, but I didn’t. Instead I finished writing a book review. I’ll get on it.

    Yeah, Chop, send me the lyrics and I’ll see what comes of it. You can e-mail me at adkinsgm AT gmail DOT com.

    On the airplane today I thought about the arrangement of Channeling Lou–I’m going to extend the end significantly. I hope I can record some acoustic guitar this weekend. Have to stop by a music shop and buy a guitar cable.

    All this depends on getting out of the house tomorrow. It’s snowing like hell right now here in Ohio.

  31. I have contended with Chopper for a long time that the existing music for his above mentioned lyrics didn’t need to be scrapped, it just needed to be fixed.

    Having said that, I’m really interested in what you might come up with for the song.

    Your friend,
    Hipster Douche Metrognome Mac User

  32. I tried recording today. Sounds great, but I never got a version of CL that I liked before I ran out of time. It’s fucking hard playing guitar with no accompaniment except a metronome on a song with lyrics. I kept getting bored and forgetting where I was. I also had the tempo set too fast I later realized.

    I did a passably good folksy version of Nursery World, however. Had my daughter dancing to it when I added a drum loop.

    I’ll post the guitar track soon and you can see if its usable.

  33. Got a version of CL which I’ll post as an Mp3 tomorrow for everyone to try working with. I’m not sure how this will work. I also have an idea about the end that I’ll have to develop later.

    Played several electric guitars today, too, at a shop of a guy I know in Yellow Springs. Have my eye on a G&L telecaster, but it’s too expensive. I also played a 1953 Martin acoustic that he was listing at $2100. What a sound that guitar had!

  34. …but you’ve got college professor money! You should be able to buy that AND give the clerk a nice tip.

  35. HA HA HA HA HA (ad infinitum)! Funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Not.

  36. Did the e-mail with the mp3 guitar tracks come through to everyone?

  37. I got it and downloaded at work.
    I am 99% sure that I can play along to the track…I’m worried about not having a click count in for the song OR the drum part.

  38. How are you going to record your drums? If you have music editing software, you should be able to set a metronome to 110 bpm.

    Where would you need the click count to be? I can add it in and e-mail you the new file, no problem.

  39. Chopper Newt Says:

    I DL’d these last night and was inspired to break out my Telecaster, which within seconds broke an ancient string, which inspired me to break out my trusty black-and-white Ibanez, the original Lizard machine (which also kills fascists), which did not break a string, and enjoyed a virtual jam with the Gecko for the first time in ages.

    I used a Rockman (as I have no amp anymore), direct lined into my mixer and to the computer. I haven’t recorded anything, as I need a little time to decide just what I’m going to do. Unless someone wants it, I don’t intend to add the patented skronk here, and was experimenting with some pretty unobtrusive rhythm guitar, and some distorted accent strums, which sounded pretty good.

    Give me some time to play with these and I’ll see what I can come up with. Once I’ve settled on something, I’ll do quick and dirty MP3 mixes and distribute. If Metro gets drums before I have anything, he should send them along to me, too. Or was this the impetus you needed to bring the drums down for a spin?

  40. Chopper Newt Says:

    BTW, no little guitar coda on CL? Dang, that was one of my all-time favorite things we recorded. I thought the stuff we were doing with guitar interplay around that time, in that song and the live “Going to California” were actually quite pretty.

  41. Awesome, Woody. I’m itching to get an old G&L telecaster myself and an even older tube amp.

    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

    Metro e-mailed me his veto of the Nursery World a la Tom Waite thingy I did, however. I love my acoustic, but it’s a bit limited when it comes to playing rock.

    By the way, my “safe” list thus far for the Best of is:

    Stay With Me
    You’re The One
    Dead Linus
    Fallin’ Down Drunk
    Nursery World (demo version)
    Whoops Democracy
    Funk this College Life (sans Grain Elevator?)
    Channeling Lou 2008
    Then I Fall
    Last Train

    Although this list calls Linus gay, there’s no calling women fucking whores, and we violate no copyright laws. Any others that absolutely must be on the list. Oh, I can put my Gateway ditty there, too, if you want.

  42. I’m going to add the coda to CL later, primarily because I wanted to extend it and even build back up into a jam, but I haven’t yet decided how. So add your guitar solo and play on as long as you want and I’ll harmonize with it. Do you need me to send you an mp3 with an extended appegiated “D” chord, or something, over which to play your solo?

  43. Chopper Newt Says:

    Nah, we can work that out later, sounds good.

  44. Yeah, my plan was to take my drums down to Chopper’s (& leave them there) so that whenever ready, I could just drive down for an afternoon and record some drums. Also, he could use them to make drum loops and stuff.

  45. I’m heading to East Village Music today in, well, the East village–I saw online they had a used New York Pro telecaster in my price range. Cool.

    Of course, they also have a 1972 telecaster with two humbucker pickups for about $3000 that I’m going to drool over.

    B, why not buy a copy of GarageBand, which is Apple’s music recording studio app? I don’t know how much it costs, but it’s probably not very expensive. It’s supposed to be an excellent application.

  46. Chopper Newt Says:

    He wants an excuse to be near me. Who can blame him?

    I re-strung my guitars last night, so I could get the old bloody strings off, but then I hurt myself while I was doing it, so the new strings already have blood stripes too. Oh well.

  47. I may do that if I try this with Chop and enjoy the process.
    The other reason is that Chop and I have been working on songs and need to get together to work them up. Right now I don’t like the idea of setting up/tearing down the drums. I’d rather just take the 2 hour drive and spend the afternoon with Choopy.

    …plus he just smells nice.

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