Disney & Hannah Montanna

In watching the news today I took note that Disney had made 1 BILLION dollars in profit this QUARTER. In reading my Entertainment Weekly magazine, there was an article on the Miley Cyrus controversy. Apparently her “empire” alone generated 1 BILLION dollars in revenue last year. How do the Lizards from Afar get some of that Disney action? (It’s also a cheap way to have us come up during a Disney or Hannah Montanna web-search.)


24 Responses to “Disney & Hannah Montanna”

  1. Ye godz, I probably never should have given Metrognome the power to make posts because I knew this is the sort of stuff we’d get! 🙂

    Who is Hannah Montanna, by the way? I only know who Miley Cyrus because it popped up on the news.

    By the way, I didn’t think you had written IWBG, but I was willing to believe it when I misread your last comment. Always thought it was a Chopper song, which it is, but it just doesn’t quite sound like this material.

    Here’s something creepy, too: when I got your last e-mail of the Drunk song, I noticed on the sidebar of the gmail website that I had subject-related links automatically generated: sites about Styx, about drinking, and about DUI. So, gmail scans the text in one’s e-mail and finds related links. I wonder if I can turn that great “feature” off.

    I’m heading off to Ohio today and then Michigan tomorrow for an academic conference until Sunday. Might have a computer, but no guitar, so no music making for me. But I’ll listen eagerly for anything new you guys come up with.

  2. Chopper Newt Says:

    I wrote the music and the first verse. Gator did the rest. For the record.

  3. Hannah Montanna is the “character” that Miley Cyrus plays while performing. (It’s kinda Spinal Tap-ish…but not nearly as good.)
    I’m just sayin’, with that much bread being spread around, we need to write some Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus songs and get them to her manager!!

    – – – – – – – – –

    Jeez. Big brother is watcing your e-mail! I don’t dig that at all.

    – – – – – – – – –

    Sure Chops…don’t be so modest.

  4. I can’t figure out how to cancel my avatar so I can get one of these funky designs that now WordPress assigns to blank avatars like Chopper’s. How annoying.

    Took my guitar out of the bag to play at the airport–had nothing else to do–and drew the attention of some old bassist who claims to be playing in a spin off of Yes. I said, “Yes is still around?” And he began telling me stories that I only half believed, but upon checking on the internet after getting home I see that he was right. What do you know, it’s Yes’ 40th anniversary this year.

  5. Chopper Newt Says:

    I think the design it’s putting by my name looks like some sort of Pennsylvania Dutch talisman to ward off evil spirits and liberals.

  6. Changed your avatar. I dig it. Now I really want one of these.

  7. Tried doing some drums for Lou tonight but got discouraged because I just couldn’t get a good sound…
    So I recorded some vocals for it. E-Mailed to everyone. Enjoy.

  8. No time to listen now, but will do so at some point in the near future.

    I also haven’t had time to fiddle with KFL. Sorry. I did notice that the version you sent a while ago (the one I had troubles with) had levels a little too low. We need more power! You should probably develop a standard set up and a set you really like. Any work on getting your hi-hat fixed?

    I looked up Yamaha e-kits the other day after you mentioned them. They are surprisingly inexpensive.

  9. Well, keep in mind it was just for fun and to try and figure out the mic.

    – – – – – – – – –

    I’ll wait to see what kind of mix Choopy comes up with along with his new guitars. The levels I thought were fairly high. They were redlining while I was recording. Maybe it was the MP3? Hihat is dead. I may ask my brother in law to look at it…but it still wouldn’t change the fact that the overall sample sound for the hihat stinks…

    – – – – – – – – –

    Yeah, I could get a “cheaper” one for about 1K…but the one I want is 1.5K.

  10. Drinking beer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Western Michigan University. Found a free computer terminal.

    As I recall, the sound waves were in fact NOT very high on the mp3 I downloaded, not nearly as high as they should be. Strange, because SWM looked and sounded good–although I thought perhaps the hi-hat was too prominent. But, yeah, overall, you’ve got to get better drum sounds or just buy an acoustic set. Have you thought about the MIDI solution at all that I’ve mentioned at least a half dozen times? 1.5k is a lot of money. 1k isn’t something to shake a stick at either, and it’s not like you’re likely to make it up with this gig.

    I’m thinking of quitting my prof job and joining a band in Ohio. Think that’s a good idea? I could take care of my daughter during the day and jam in bars all night. Great way to make a good pension, I’m sure. 😉

  11. Chopper Newt Says:

    Someone may have put KFL on Bittorrent. And by “someone”, I mean “me”. And by “may have”, I mean “did”.

  12. Really? Would we consider this a finished piece? I still want to fix that tempo problem. Oh, well. You go Chopper.

  13. Ok, Chops, you are now added as an author on this site, so you can create posts—although I wonder if I’m not giving you too much power since you apparently can’t control yourself with our products (i.e., music) already. 😉

  14. Back into the beer at Kalamazoo… I listened to the old KFL recording on my iPod and I’m pretty sure it’s my clean guitar that slips tempo a teensy amount, for the same reason I identified before: can’t record while the VST effects are enabled as it takes too much CPU power and thus slows down the computer and screws up the tempo. So, easy enough to fix: I’ll rerecord using the Toneport. Only I can’t do it for more than a week since I brought my electric guitar back to Ohio and my computer is still in NYC until I leave for good (or at least for the semester) next Friday.

    Possibly I can fix the guitar using the software’s patented “stretching” technology. But I doubt it.

  15. choppernewt Says:

    Oh, pshaw… you’re nobody until you have “unauthorized” material being trading among the file-sharing types. The song was “leaked”, there was nothing the band could do about it. We can’t help it if the world is so eager to hear the stuff that they break the law to get it. So, no, of course it’s not official yet. Damn close, though, eh?

    BTW, the Swedes seem to be into it. Like, at least two of them.

  16. I would’ve thought you would want the WAV files for the drums…but it doesn’t matter to me. I think it sounds FNA as it is!!!

    I just sent out some drums and some comments on said drums for Clipboard. Let me know how they work.

  17. Cool avatar, Chopper.

    Metro: I still haven’t had a chance to listen to your Cliboard drumming, although I can’t wait. You said there were tempo problems with my guitars there, too? Damn, it’s too bad I’ll be sans guitar this week so I can’t fix anything. But next weekend!

    KFL sounds amazing, once again. Just want to fix that f-up part I did.

  18. There’s a spot in the beginning when it transitions from the intro the verse “riff”. The tempo does something a little weird. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure it out, but I think there is a tempo change.

  19. Think I figured out the problem: both a technical glitch as well as my sloppy playing. Check your e-mail regarding this.

  20. I’m going to live with the one we have for a few weeks. (That’s a hard, strenuous song for me to play…)
    I’m going to concentrate on Channeling Lou for now.

    [NOTE: have passed around the songs to a few family and close friends. Everyone loves KFL and Clipboard…not much interest in SWM.]

  21. That’s the kind of thing I just don’t care to hear about. Stay With Me is a very good tune. It is classic LFA and it has a great groove and vintage sound. If they don’t like it they must have poor taste in music, is all I can say.

    I’m going to be absolutely swamped this week with work. Next week, too, but I may have some time this weekend to record, if anything needs recording or re-recording. Let me know.

  22. I’m not saying anyone said “SWM is not very good.” It’s always more the “Aww, that’s really, really good sweetie!” kinda patronization.

    When people respond about KFL or CB…I’ve actually had a couple of “Wows!” and for CB I got a “I think that’s my favorite song you guys have ever done.”

  23. Oh, well. I love that song.

    Although I couldn’t detect any serious tempo problems with my clean guitar part on KFL, I think I’ll redo it this weekend to fit better with your drums, Metro. Might redo the solo, too.

    If I get any time, I hope to return to When Kings Were Green, which has been frozen at the first solo for weeks and weeks now. I have any idea for it, but it’s a long song.

    Listened to your Powder Keg mockup. The stuff you do with your voice is freaky, I have to say.

  24. I like to think of it more as “the things I can do with my throat is freaky”.
    Wait…that’s not really what I mean…

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