Kung Fu Lover escapes into the wild

It’s true… new music from Lizards From Afar appeared on Bittorrent over the weekend.

And while the band is devastated that pirates, pirates!, have released Kung Fu Lover into the wild in this inauspicious manner, well, if you’ve heard it, we’d still like to know what you think, so here is a place for you to comment.

If you didn’t stumble across the Kung Fu Lover torrent in the last few days, for instance by searching “Kung Fu Lover” on isohunt or the Pirate Bay, we are certain that you would not have any luck if you tried now.  It would be completely futile.  Don’t even waste your time.

But please comment, if the spirit moves you.

EDIT:  I’ve left off seeding the torrent, so you may not have any success getting it any longer if you’re trying.  Since others have it, it may still be out there, but it’s pretty iffy.  In any event, an official release is coming soon, so no worries.


16 Responses to “Kung Fu Lover escapes into the wild”

  1. I love it!

    “Snatch the pebble from my hand.. I’ll stay and love you if you can.”

    here’s my capsule review..

    “Older and wiser, the Lizards from Afar have survived the cryogenic thaw and have emerged with a bold new sound while still retaining the integrity and true grit that made them great in the last century.
    This “via-satellite” recording project is already delivering punchy original material for the now middle-aged hardcore fans, and something streetwise and raw for newcomers to the band. With classic shades of Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and The Jesus Lizard, the first single, “Kung-Fu Lover” begs a Jap-anime action video, should the members consent to such things.

    thanks.. keep me on the “send new stuff to” list.

  2. choppernewt Says:


    Thanks for mentioning us and Sonic in the same paragraph. BTW I love the Boy Band song, it’s on my Zune, in the fine company of Paul Kelly, A Flock Of Seagulls, and Le Mystere De Voix Bulgares.

    I told the other guys we need to do an old-school split-double A-side 45. And then start a beef, and disrupt each other’s sets at the VMA’s. You be Damon Albarn, and I’ll be Noel Gallagher. Deal?

    None of that name dropping was at all for the benefit of search-engines.

  3. Gordon, listen to the newest version of Kung Fu on Reberbnation.com/lizardsfromafar. And if you want the mp3, e-mail any one of us.

    I, too, have the Boy Band Song on my iPod. Great tune.

  4. I too have the boyband song on my pod. Sweet.

    I already sent Gordon an mp3 of KFL.

  5. What’s Gordon’s last name and his band’s name? I forgot. I want to cite his review on reverbnation.

  6. thanks dudes.
    i have no problem being Damon Albarn. we’ll fuck shit up proper: on camera!

    i’m on my way to reverbnation for the latest kung-fu.

    my surname is Bazsali, and the band is Cuttlefish (the one based in Busan, South Korea.. i know there are several bands by that name, so specification may be necessary)

    thanks again for putting the song on your mp3 players.. i’ll shut up about cuttlefish until the album is out. i’m almost as bad a leaker as our bassist. scandalous, i tell you!.. simply despicable! 😉

  7. Thanks, Gordon.

    I did a quick draft of the Bloomington Democracy album cover for reverbnation. I always liked the idea of the black header and footer to offset the image. Does this work at all? What we need is: better font and some sort of LFA icon.

  8. BTW, we are now reverbnation fans of Cuttlefish. Cool music!

    And they are our fans. We have our first fans!

  9. choppernewt Says:

    I like the black header on the album cover, and actually I like the typewriter font. However, I think having “Bloomington Democracy” both in the image and in the header seems redundant. Of course, my favorite album covers are the Zep ones that didn’t have a title or band name, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.

  10. I honestly don’t care. If Matt feels strongly about the black band then wgo ahead and have the black band.
    Do you need me to make an edit?

  11. In-Laws were here the whole weekend which prevented me from doing any work, so now I have to spend the week finishing up my grading AND revising an article which MUST be finished by the end of the week or they might not publish it.

    That said, I’m amazed at how cool Batphone is: has a little Pink Floyd to it–and it’s in 6/8! A little U2, too.

    I also really want to do some music for Giant Robot, which I love. Hopefully I’ll get a few minutes at some point…

    I still want to develop some sort of Lizards from Afar logo. I can work on one, but I’m no graphic artist. Can you do one, Metro? If I get an idea, I’ll throw it together, too.

    Will try to send an updated version of KFL later, with levels and timing at the solo section fixed as much as possible.

  12. Forgot to mention, I’m all for no title or name on the album cover, too. But we’d still need an edit to the existing cover.

  13. I’m just knocked out that you guys take my goofy ideas and make them into actual songs. Crazy.

    I’ve never been good at designing logos, but I will start thinking about it.

    As for getting Giant Robot started, I say get your work done first. I will try to get CL drums done before I leave town this weekend for MemDay.

  14. choppernewt Says:

    I really did take some inspiration from Metro’s demo of Batphone, even though I never could make out a tune. I listened to it like, once or twice, and then I just let it marinate, and I think I ended up taking the time signature as I remembered it from the demo. Also, I could never make out a melody from the demo but as it floated through my head for a few days, I started subconsciously adding instrumentation, until at some point I was hearing the chorus with full melody line and instrumentation, and for a long time I didn’t think it fit. Eventually, Friday night I sat with the guitar and tried to make some reality out of what my subconscious mind had made up. As for the chording in the verse, kind of random noodling, and you’ll notice that I snuck the opening chord for “SWM” in the progression as kind of a Lizard signature. And just for you guys, I made a bridge, as I know you like those.

    Gecko, you rule for picking up the Floyd nod, although the only time I was doing it on purpose was in the second verse, where the mic sound made me feel like spitting out some Waters-y vitriol-induced plosives. And I think a soaring, Gilmouresque solo at the end would be welcome. Guess now you’ll need to buy a Strat.

    I’m picturing a lot of backing vocals in the choruses – think “Red Hill Mining Town”.

    Got to admit… I like it too.

    I’m starting to think that we’re going to end up with a sound heavy on guitar-gorgeousness with a lot of our output, and I’m all for that. We can be next in the Boston-Smashing Pumkins family tree, that will be fine with me.

  15. Did I send sans-drums version of Channeling Lou? I forget.

  16. …just think of what we could do with Circular Motion…

    Yes Geckster, I have the CL sans drums. Maybe start tonight.

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