LFA on Reverbnation!

With a more or less final version of Kung Fu Lover available, LFA now have a web presence for their new music on reverbnation.com. As the group tries to juggle their professional and family lives with their musical obsession, next on the list are Clipboard, Channeling Lou 2008, and the iconic 1991 Chopper Newt tune Stay With Me.


20 Responses to “LFA on Reverbnation!”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    Mostly I juggle my musical obsession with my “Ghost Hunters” obsession. EVPs! Family life is a distant third, and my professional life is tied for last with my regard for candy bar wrappers on the floor of my car. But you were close.

  2. My Musical Obsession = Sucking At Drums

    Juggled with not being very good at anything

    Next on my list is being an overall failure…

  3. You guys just want to give the sheen of rock’n’roll decadence to your mundane lives.

    Meanwhile, I finished a marathon of grading and calculating over 100 exams. Damn was that tedious. Immediately afterward I worked on revisions to an article. Finally, with 30 minutes before having to pick up my daughter from daycare, I played guitar. But there was precious little inspiration–other than to change my acoustic guitar solo in SWM to a Jimmy Page style electric solo. Good idea? I also plugged my mic into my computer and it sounded great. Strange. Can’t get enough power through the Toneport, but it works fine through the mic jack. So I added HI-Yas to KFL, but I have a cold and it sounds like it. 🙂

  4. OK. Uploaded:

    > Final drum recording WAV for Channeling Lou

    > Final drum recording WAV for Clipboard

    > Another crack at KFL

    These should be pretty loud. CL and KFL have no effects applied.
    Let me know what you think.

    Am starting to think about a drum part for Batphone…question: should the drums come in during the chorus OR should the drums hold off until the “What did you dream you would be” break part and then Bonham my ass off?

  5. choppernewt Says:

    I envisioned drums pretty much throughout, I guess they could come in during the first chorus, but I’m wasn’t thinking of a Winter’s Chill style thing waiting until the bridge. Without drums it reminds me too much of “Glycerine”. Gag.

  6. I’ll try…it probably won’t be good enough…

  7. choppernewt Says:

    Jesus Christ.

  8. His probably wouldn’t be good enough either.

  9. Will download the drum wavs. When do I get the guitar and vocal work for SWM and CB, Chops?

    Did you redo the entire KFL, Metro, or only the bridge? I ask because I’ve already cut up the file you gave me, along with all the other wav files–because I can’t leave well enough alone. For example: at the finale the guitars and drums we were all just _slightly_ off from each other, so I cut all the files at that point and put them dead on the beat. Makes it sound slicker. Anyway, I can either redo your drum file to fit what we have, or I can cut the bridge out and insert it where it needs to go.

    I’m going to redo my SWM guitars. Should still work with Chopper’s guitars and vocals, but I’m wondering if you, Metro, would mind redoing the drums. I’ll let you know if that would be preferable or not.

    And you’re good enough. The only perfect one of us is I (that’s a joke, of course).

  10. choppernewt Says:

    I’ll get them to you in the near future. Certainly by sometime this weekend, I would think.

  11. I redid the entire song…but did it to the most recent “final” mix. I pumped up the snare volume and changed the tone a little. The bass has more reverb on it as well.

    I can redo SWM if needed. I think I would probably have better drum levels now.

  12. Yeah, let’s redo SWM drums–perhaps sometime when you get back from your weekend vacation. I did a Page-style solo (well, my version of Page’s sound and a bluesy style, but hardly Page) and it sounds good, I think. I’m also considering adding some honkey-tonk piano to the final chorus. We’ll see if I can make it convincing.

    Hopefully I can try out the drum files this eve and see how everything fits together. I have far less time now that I’m back in Ohio, oddly enough. In New York the late evenings were my own, but here I have family duties, of course. We’ve been looking at houses to buy, too, which adds to the stress.

  13. I may give it a try on Thursday. It’s not that difficult of a drum part for me. (He says knowing his level of sucktitude.)

    Out of curiosity though…what exactly is wrong with the current drum file? I think I am in pretty good time.

  14. Nothing is wrong with it, so I can use it if you prefer. It’s just that I rerecorded the acoustic guitar–in better time!–and it might be useful to rerecord the drums, too, so they match up better. Also, you might improve the sound and levels–technical issues. As it is, I will definitely cut and stretch the file you sent to match what I’m coming up with. SWM was my first effort–didn’t even own the electric guitar yet–and I realized it had some problems that I wanted to rectify.

  15. New SWM drum WAV uploading.
    No effects applied to it. Also pretty loud.
    Tried to have a little more fun with it…but not too much.

  16. Cool, although I meant for you to record after I sent you what I had redone… But this will probably work fine.

    I’ve asked this before, but do you use a metronome while recording? I think you should–and there must be one built into Cubase. Instruments and vocals will always float around the beat, but it’s nice to have drums as close as possible as it makes a song sound tighter. If you are playing solely to the guitars, you’re always going to be wherever the guitars are rather than the anchor for the music. When we played live this wasn’t a problem since you were the anchor. You kept the time. But this satellite recording thing is harder…

  17. reverbnation is down. I asked them to feature us and then their whole web site crashes. Coincidence? I think not, my friends.

  18. I’ve tried using the metronome on Cubase. I can’t figure out how to make it work.
    (I can make it play, change time signatures…but not tempo.)
    I need to take my laptop into work and have the guy who gave it to me check it out.

  19. That makes no sense. Try changing the overall project tempo; that should change the metronome.

    Speaking of figuring out the software, I didn’t bother setting the project key on my Clipboard project, or I forgot, and it’s set at C which means that every file I import somehow gets transposed to C when the song is in D (or perhaps B minor). Fucks up everything. So I created a new file with the correct settings and imported guitar and synth wav files, but it totally fucked up the synth: it was “played” with correct notes, but in the key of C and importing it into a project set to D transposes it. Argh! I’ll probably have to rerecord it.

  20. Yeah. I can even change the “style” of metronome:
    > a click that only happens when the snare is supposed to hit (which I don’t like)
    > a “hi-hat”-ish kind of click that gives an overall aural rhythm (which I think I could actually use and follow)
    > combo of both
    …now if I could just figure out the tempo thing (BPM), I would be set…

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