Alan Beaman’s Conviction Reversed

Here’s the story from the front page of the local paper.  What’s this got to do with the Lizards?  Well, the next Lizards song, Clipboard, is a rumination on the events of this case as they were reported, using that as a springboard for some more general thoughts on what happens when our college lifestyle stops being a phase we all go through, and turns into a trap that affects the rest of a life (or sadly, in some cases, marks the end of it).

The song – which was written in the mid-90s and has been under construction in this incarnation for several weeks – is getting set for a final mixdown quite soon.

EDIT:  I fixed the link.  Sorry about that.


11 Responses to “Alan Beaman’s Conviction Reversed”

  1. I don’t see the story on that link.

    I wonder if college became a trap that affected the rest of my life. Going to graduate school for, what, seven years? certainly delayed my maturity. When people I once knew were moving up in their jobs and having families I was either getting blind drunk on weekend nights in Gainesville or Chapel Hill, or getting blind drunk every night in Paris or Nice, smoking doobies with chicks I barely knew (who would later become amateur porn starlets), and getting up the next day and living on espresso while I read eighteenth-century philosophy. Somehow this must have fucked up my life. Probably shortened my life span…

    In some ways I’d say I didn’t really live at all until after college, however. College has taken on the golden haze of arcadia where I had nothing to do but play guitar and sit around in the sun. I’m sure it wasn’t really like that.

  2. Wow, that sounds exactly like MY post-college experience…minus the new locations, doobie smoking, porn starlets, espresso and philosophy. (So pretty much just the drinking…)

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    That link isn’t working for me either.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Link fixed.

    The effects that Gecko describes do sound kind of cool. Never mind, let’s scratch that tune.

    JK. But seriously, I realized doing this recording that the song is not about the events that inspired it, and certainly not about the people, but turned out to be (for me) about this idea of taking a few years of relative abandon and hedonism, then coming out of it and basically living like we are socially “supposed to”, (that is my experience in a nutshell, I’d say), and what happens when you never make it to the end of that “phase”, for one reason or another.

  4. What effects?

    New (and hopefully final) version of Kung Fu Lover is up on Reverbnation–with Metro’s bridge and no drum loops. I know I should e-mail yous guys a version, but until I send hi-hi versions on CD you can make do with the same mp3 (CD quality) as everyone else.

    This one is hot, too. I discovered a new tool, the Master Limiter, which I’d never used before. Totally boosts the sound but by setting the threshold properly you avoid distortion. Chops probably knows all about this thing. This might be “too hot” a mix, however, depending on tastes. Let me know how it sounds: I only listened through my fancy new studio monitoring headphones (which, I must admit, provide crazy amounts of bass). If you hear distortion, let me know.

  5. choppernewt Says:

    Oh, we will.

    I have a master limit in CEP, but I found that this one compressed the final product way too much – left no dynamic range whatsoever. I’ll be interested to hear this version.

    By “effects”, I meant the bimbo-partying on the Cote-D’Or or whatever – I suppose that was technically a cause, not an effect, for purposes of the above discussion. Never mind.

  6. e-mail that bad-boy out to us. MP3…I don’t care.
    I can’t use that reverbnation site. It does not seem to like my Mac or Firefox or possibly the both of them.

  7. choppernewt Says:

    Or just you specifically, perhaps.

  8. Well, it sounded ok in my software, but it indeed had little range left. Like any good punk song… At any rate, if you don’t like it I can easily remove it. I just found it made it easy to pump up the song without going into the red.

  9. choppernewt Says:

    It may well be cool that way, you’re right, for this kind of song the more power the better.

  10. reverbnation does not appear to like Firefox.
    I was able to get it to work by “re-installing” safari.

  11. I only use Firefox, which on my machine likes Reverbnation just fine. Anyway, we’re on, too, but I haven’t updated it. Don’t like the interface nearly as much as Reverbnation.

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