Clipboard Released on Reverbnation

Without authorization (sorry, guys) I, the Gecko, released a tune we’ve been working on for months: Clipboard (see the post below for details about the history of the song). It’s about as perfect as it’s going to get, I think–in this incarnation. I think it’s awesome.

Find it on Reverbnation.


12 Responses to “Clipboard Released on Reverbnation”

  1. I went ahead and posted on myspace.

  2. Which version, RC4 or RC5? I suppose we should go with 5. I suspect that’s the one Chopper will approve of the most.

    I’ll go ahead and post RC5 on Reverbnation. Let me know if I need to rerecord my electric guitar. I may do some further editing of the piece, but finding the time is hard. I’m a perfectionist and I like the music to hit the beat as closely as possible and as it is we drift around a little more than I find satisfying. But so long as it all sounds good, I suppose that is what matters.

    You guys probably wouldn’t believe what I did to KFL: I dragged all the music kicking and screaming right to the beat and it eventually sounded great.

    I think the piece sounds good overall, however. I can still upload my wavs to Chopper, if he still wants to do this, but it may be more trouble than it’s worth. We’re going to have to submit all further files to him for mixing at least until fall, as I need to save time somewhere to finish some writing.

  3. Uploaded RC5 to Reverbnation. Notified Cuttlefish so Gordon et al. can come have a listen.

    We need further fans.

    I’m also considering sending the links to Hipgnosis records here in Yellow Springs, OH.

  4. I’ll load the latest up into myspace, maybe during lunch or tonight when I get home…

  5. Has anyone listened to rc5? Does this solve the timing issues? If there are any problems now it’s probably my electric guitar, but it might not be noticeable enough to bother rerecording. Let me know.

    I made the files downloadable on reverbnation, as Chops argued convincingly.

  6. Just loaded it onto myspace.

  7. Cool.

    I wonder where ol’ Stucko Newt is today?

    Chops, do you still want me to upload the files to do your own mix?

  8. choppernewt Says:

    I actually think the most recent version is good. I noted in an email to Metro earlier that, while there may still be timing quirks, in this version they sound like a by-product of humans playing together, whereas before it sounded like we were multitracking remotely – if that makes sense.

    At any rate, I am fine with the latest version, so there is no need to go to any great trouble uploading things. If it weren’t going to be trouble, though, I’d still maybe give it a go just for giggles. Up to you – don’t invest time in it, the latest mix will do the job nicely.

  9. I started uploading. It’s only four files (synth, 2 acoustic guitars, one electric), but a few are rather large. May take a while, but they’ll be there eventually.

    I posted a link on the discussion boards (my software Mixcraft is by Acoustica). One listener gave good reviews of the songs, but said the drums were “too muddy in the mix.” That may be true. I wonder if I can bring them out more.

    I can and should also upload a version of CL complete with a constant click track that might help keep us all in good time.

  10. I thought you said my drums fell right in time for CL? It was just the drumming in the second half sounded “bored”?
    My intention was to just re-record the second half if possible.

  11. Whatever you want to do is fine with me, just so long as you don’t sound bored! (Insert smiley emoticon here, I suppose).

    BTW, I uploaded my guitars and synth flacs to the uploader site, so if you want to play around with your own mixes, go for it.

  12. choppernewt Says:

    Should we be doing this on the protected thread?

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