Hey, Gecko!

Check this out!

Edit by the Gecko: This Moog guitar is lacking in cool-ness. Here’s Chopper Newt’s “boo,” I think (can’t find a new “cherry” red; this is “cola” red).

Here’s Gecko’s:

I’m also into the double humbucker Jaguar:

Here’s the vintage 12 string Rickenbacker Chopper dreams about (sweet!):

Sir Pent wants to picture his favorite drum set, too: The Yamaha DTXpress IV Special.

(But as nice as this sounds, I’m sure, it just isn’t cool. Where’s your favorite acoustic kit, Serpentman?):

Personally, I like this one, and I’m sure Sir Pent would agree:

But if this is just too crazy, here is a beautiful new Pearl kit:


15 Responses to “Hey, Gecko!”

  1. Is this going to be your new axe? I couldn’t afford it even if I wanted one. I wonder what the point of infinite sustain is? Not a bad looking guitar, though.

  2. I don’t know if using Nigel Tufnel as the lead image to “advertise” a guitar is really the best approach. (Not that I don’t love Spinal Tap…)

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, I think Nigel was added by gizmodo, not necessarily the manufacturer.

    Um, no, this will not by my new axe in this lifetime short of a lottery win, and even then I’d have me a 12-string Rickenbacker first. Which is equally unlikely. Likely candidate for a new axe should I get into mid-life crisis mode = American Standard Strat, cherry red with rosewood neck. That’s my boo.

  4. choppernewt Says:

    Love the header!!!!!!!!!

  5. It indeed be cool.

    I think my midlife crisis guitar would be the one I already mentioned: the ’72 tele deluxe, walnut stain, maple neck. But I’d take a strat, too.

  6. Speaking of the header, we need to redo the Bloomington Democracy cover.

  7. What are you thinking? Lose the whole truck on the way to Bloomington? Start from scratch?

    NOTE: I am going to change my name from “Metrognome” to “Sir Pent”. The humor in that has worn off for me. (Just so you know when the site eventually dusts my access…)

  8. I haven’t played a real acoustic set in 15 years. I wouldn’t know what is good or bad.

  9. All Hail Sir Pent!

    You’ll always be a metrognome to me!

    It’s easy to know a good set from a bad. If Neil Peart is playing it, it must be good.

  10. …or they are paying him a buttload of money…

  11. Doesn’t matter, if he’s playing it it’s still better than most kits.

    Re: the BD cover, no we have to keep the truck on the way to Bloomington idea, but we should incorporate the new “logo” and finally get rid of the “Best of” and the years stuff. I only covered it up with a black band….

  12. What is the name of the font that you used to write Lizards From Afar in up there in the banner?

  13. It’s called “croobie” and I found it on my wife’s computer. Don’t think I have it on my own–although I might just steal it because I dig it. The typewriter font is called Batik regular.

    If you like them but don’t have them, I suppose I can e-mail them to you later. No time right now, unfortunately.

    So, are you seriously thinking of getting a new electric kit?

  14. I won’t be getting it this summer most likely, but possibly in the fall. If not fall, then I will defnitely be getting it for myself for Xmas. So, yes…but not for up to 6 months. (So we’d better still be making music in 6 months or I will kill you.)

  15. I make no promises…. But you need a drum kit just to work off stress, whether or no we are still making music (or whatever it is we do).

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