Updated Bloomington Democracy Cover

OK, so here’s something I put together for Bloomington Democracy. I think it’s pretty good, incorporates the new logo-thing and the Gecko Lizards From Afar text styling.

What think you all?

BD Cover


8 Responses to “Updated Bloomington Democracy Cover”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    I rather like it.

  2. Wow. I rather like it, too. Nice work.

  3. I basically started from scratch with the original picture. I kept the “hypno” effect, but tried to make it a little less dominate. I also went with a different green…as I really couldn’t remember what the green was I used last time.

    I worked on LFA stuff Chimper, so why don’t I see the promised “shat upon” Giant Robot?

  4. Shat upon?

    I’m looking forward to hearing Giant Robot, too. I feel good about the tune ever since Pent said my solo was blistering.

    If I have time I’m going to redo my Batphone solo to make it suck less. I also intend to render the KFL tracks today and post them for you to create a better mix.

    By having mixing skills you gave yourself much more work than you otherwise would have, Brother Newt.

  5. I also did something for GR that I haven’t done for the other tunes…and I may do for future tunes if I can (no promises)…which was to record each piece of percussion separately on it’s own track. This song really lent itself to that, though.

    Since you guys will be on hiatus for a while, I may try to do the same with KFL as it appears there will be a lack of new songs for me to record for.

  6. choppernewt Says:

    I shat on it, but I was displeased with the shitty result. Haven’t we already discussed this in its appropriate thread?

  7. Back to the topic of the thread…

    Unnoticed by both of you, I also removed the word “Chevrolet” from the back of the truck. Not that I am against Chevy trucks…as I own one myself…it’s that I thought it made the scene a little more ambiguous.

    In retrospect, I do with that I had put in some Yosemite Sam mudflaps on that truck!

  8. choppernewt Says:

    Put a sticker with Calvin peeing on a number 24.

    I recently saw a pickup like that where all they had was Calvin peeing on various numbers.

    Maybe I don’t understand NASCAR… OK, strike that, I can CONFIRM that I don’t understand NASCAR… but if you’re compelled to advertise to the world about which driver(s) you HATE, shouldn’t you at least make some mention of a driver you are in fact rooting for? Why define yourself solely by a negative?

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