Where is Giant Robot?

The answer is, Giant Robot is under construction, but it’s going to be a bit longer.

I tried to add my contributions this weekend, but when I got through, nothing I had done was quite right.  So I’m going to give it another try, and I’m not mixing down that first attempt as I don’t deem it fit for consumption.  Oh, and I haven’t done a bass line yet, so it’s still incomplete anyway.

So, sorry for the delay, I’ll get you something eventually.  Although I’m leaving for San Francisco on Wednesday morning for a week’s vacation, so don’t look for anything for several days.


16 Responses to “Where is Giant Robot?”

  1. By the time you return I’ll be gone to New York, then off to Europe for a month.

    But I’ll be sure to leave you plenty of work.

    Any particular problems with GR with which I can help? Do I need to re-render the tracks? Add a click track?

    BTW, new cover art added to ReverbNation and to the BD page on this blog.

  2. How the hell can everyone afford to take vacations and I always seem hopelessly broke?

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Lay off the Maiden concerts, that gets expensive.

    No, there’s no problem with the tracks given to me, and I’ve got individual drum tracks from Sirp which will allow me a great deal of flexibility for the mix I come up with. My trouble is finding where I fit in to this. What I did first is an electric track that sort of switches between mirroring stuff Gecko is already doing and then trying to add something, and neither is really working. And I’ve got a vocal that I think is good, but I’m singing really loud and that’s not something I’ve had to record before on my rig – and I didn’t do a good job of balancing, so while I think the performance will be the same, I want to re-record it for just the sound of it. So it’s all my problem. I’ve got some ideas on readdressing it, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet to see if they’re good or garbage.

    So it’s all me right now.

  4. It always is…

  5. I thought you could remove my chunky rhythm track and do it, with your own interpretation, yourself. Just keep it in A min/C maj. But maybe that’s boring. Still, I imagine more than two guitars will just be too many guitars.

    Can we send you tracks of us yelling “Go!” I can use my crappy dynamic mic for that.

    As for vacation, I’m not really going on vacation. We’re doing work: three professional conferences, partially paid for by university expense accounts.

  6. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, send/upload the “go”s and I can add them. If you both want to just do a few cold I can put them where they need to go, and if that doesn’t work you can shout along with a more finished track and we can fix it later.

    I may do what you’ve suggested on the guitar. First I had a couple other ideas I want to try. Let me see how those pan out first.

  7. Just a note: I put a link to Dead Linus Complete in the 1991 Concert on the Quad page.

    I’m also uploading new KFL flacs soon, but will give details by e-mail.

  8. Matt,
    Two guitars is NEVER enough. You see, I recently attended a concert for a highly successful rock and roll band. They had not one…not two…but THREE guitarists.
    I think they were called Old Men Playing Fast.

    – – – – – – –

    I’ll might some “GO”s when I hear what Chopper is envisioning. Although, like the Hi-Yas of KFL, I am confident that Choops will do just fine.

  9. Indeed. I was thinking I should hear what Chopper comes up with before adding any superfluous Gos.

    I’ve uploaded some KFL flacs. The rest will be up eventually, probably late tonight.

    Listened to a report on NPR about coporate CEOs and other business bigwigs who play in rock and blues bands to de-stress. These fuckers give rocknroll a bad name, I have to say. They remind me of the corporate asses who used to race bicycles with me in graduate school. Those guys always had the most expensive bicycles available, just as these corporate rock’n’schmucks have the most expensive guitars and amps available. One guy even “hired” some out of work musicians from the band Boston as his backups. Can we say poseurs? I hate these people.

    When professors decide to rock’n’roll, it’s real. Man.

  10. I hope all yous have listened to Chopper’s mix of GR. Boy, this new tune is funny. Makes me think of 80s headbanger cheesepunk. I’d say we all need to get some “Gos” in there. My wife and daughter are going to run to her campus for a few minutes at midday. Perhaps I can do some shouting then and send the results to Chops.

  11. Hope everyone won’t be mad at me…but I uploaded the song to ALL the sites…and told people about it…

  12. Ha. I’m mad at you, but just on general principles.

  13. If you actually had any principles to speak of I probably wouldn’t like you as much.

  14. Well, I’m signing off, at least for today. Have to pack up the computer to head off to NYC, although the weather isn’t looking good out there.

    I’ll probably be on e-mail sporadically until late July.

  15. Good luck and have a safe trip.

  16. The latest version of the song (#3) has been uploaded to the sites.
    Eat Me.


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