The Gecko on Tour in the United Kingdom

While the other Lizards wait out the summer heat in Illinois, the Gecko has fled for the cool countryside of Britain, acoustic guitar in hand, to introduce his own brand of intellectual-folk-rock to the locals. First stop was Birmingham, in the West Midlands, where the Gecko played to a handful of listeners in New Street Station. Mutters of ‘Who’s that bloke, then?’ and ‘Bugger off, mate!’ followed the Gecko as he then boarded the train for west Wales, where the first stop was Aberystwyth. There he played a short LFA repetoire before a captivated audience of academics at Aberystwyth University. Later he jammed to a sold-out crowd of crickets and seagulls at Aberystwyth castle, who happily sang along to an acoustic rendition of ‘Ladybugs Picnic’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider.’ At least they seemed to be singing.

Now it’s on to Cambridge, where the Gecko is scheduled to play the train station as well as the Cam riverfront. Hopefully he’ll earn enough handouts to afford the train back to London….

3 Responses to “The Gecko on Tour in the United Kingdom”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    They love us in the UK. Say hi to Mick.

  2. Will say hi to Mick when I get to London, no doubt.

    Right now I’m whiling away the days in Cambridge. Heard an old blues guitarist doing some amazing fretwork yesterday in the Cambridge craft market.

    Misty and a little gray today. That’s England, I suppose.

    Any chance we’ll hear Four H soon?

  3. Hey guys, back from Wisconsin…land of cheese and cheap beer.
    Drank a lot and managed to “aggravate” my side for a few days while helping the men-folk work on and install our new pier. Feeling somewhat better now.

    Some good news, I’ve got lyrics for a new song that I think are pretty good. I just need to get them out of my head and into an e-mail. (Will do soon.)

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