New Song a Comin’…

Well, I just got the working file from Chopper for our new song:

Four H and Fourteen

The song is penned by Gator, composed by the Gecko and given the flavor by Chopper. It’s now up to me to not screw it all up with drums. (Something that I am very good at.) I hope to get those done very soon. After that, it’s up to Chopper to put it all together…polish it up and then we release it to all of you fans.

Keep pestering us for it..
Sir Pent

EDIT:  FOUR H AND FOURTEEN is now available for streaming/download on our ReverbNation and iLike sites.

4 Responses to “New Song a Comin’…”

  1. …oh and it does sound Bruce Springstein-ish.

  2. bring it!

  3. It’ll be broughten!

  4. OK…I’ve sent the corrected drum recording for 4H to the guys. Hopefully we will have something from Mr. Chopper soon.

    I’m excited about this one as:
    1) it has some really classic lyrics from the Gator
    2) A great vocal performance from Chopper
    3) Some drum and percussion work that I am proud of

    Keep checking back here or at the Reverbnation site!

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