4H and Fourteen – Now Available

Ladies and gentlemen, the Lizards from Afar are proud to release our latest hit single. It’s a kick-derrier song written by our own Gator. The lyrics are amazing and the song holds lots of performance surprises. Head on over to any one of our many websites, listen to the songs and download for use on your own handheld electronic music playing machines. After that, we’d love to hear your thoughts…good, bad or ugly. Constructive or purposefully mean.

And love, damn you…love.

Sir Pent


6 Responses to “4H and Fourteen – Now Available”

  1. And dance, damn you…dance.

  2. choppernewt Says:

    Just to clarify, by “hit single”, Metro means “we like it”.

  3. Man do I hate myspace. I have been trying to post notifications about 4H since last night at home. The giant turd of a website keeps timing out or erroring out. It just blows.

    Oh, and I meant HIT single. It’s number one in outer Mongolia.

  4. Do you mean ‘lots of’ performance surprises?

    Were you ever able to do that LFA decal, Sir Pent?

  5. I meant what I meant.

    I haven’t had time to do the decal or tshirt. There’s been a LOT going on at work these past few weeks, so not a lot of downtime to work on side projects.
    Soon, though.

  6. You meant what you said? Well, but did you say what you meant? It makes no sense.

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