OK. So what’s next?

4H has been out for about a week now. I hope everybody is enjoying it and I think I speak for all the Lizards when I say we’d love to hear your feedback. Even if you hated it.

So what’s next? There’s a lot of material to choose from. Some of you might not know that I’m a song-writing-dynamo. I annoy the hell out of the other guys by sending them lyrics for at least a couple of new songs each week. I want to say I have about 30 in the queue waiting for the real musicians to come up with music for them. Let’s also not forget that the other guys in the group write as well.
To give you a teaser, here are some titles you may be hearing in the future:
• Mr. Peabody
• Gunslinger
• Powder Keg
• Crazy Girl
• Poster Child
• If She’s Just A Girl
• Has Been (Again)
• The Pick Up Artist
• Garan Man
• So I Hear You’re Getting Fat

…and many, many more.


9 Responses to “OK. So what’s next?”

  1. Any thoughts on which one we should do first?

  2. Well, Ivan also had some new lyrics he was working on that had great potential. And there’s also Channeling You, the lyrics of which are very good, and for which I came up with the coolest coda ever.

    I’ll be back in the states soon, and possibly able to work up some new music.

  3. Gunslinger: I edited down the music. I wanted to keep this one short and simple. Still haven’t heard if Chopper even likes the song/lyrics/music.

    Ivans song is up there in the list. It’s called Poster Child.

    I can’t seem to come up with drums that are worth a darn for Channeling Lou and Chopper hasn’t been able to find inspiration for how to do the vocals. I think that one is on hold by default.

  4. Yeah, haven’t been able to listen to the edited version of gunslinger. In fact, I’ve only heard Four H twice, such is my access to computers with speakers. So, I haven’t gotten my fill of that one yet.

    I’m going to work on a variation of the old Channeling Lou music to see if that will help. Something recognizably similar, but effectively different.

  5. I’m thinking we should do

    The song is so silly and if we were up to the task of doing a big ballad with strings and piano and guitars, it could be ridiculous but awesome. Or ridiculously awesome.

    As a personal request, I’d like to do POWDER KEG. Not because I think it’s my best lyrics…I want to present it to my cousin-in-law who has been (light-heartedly) taunting me about that song. [It was a tune he and I created together in our short-lived band.] Also, POWDER KEG is designed to be a Ramones-esque 2 minute barnstormer…so I think we could put it together in very short order.

  6. I just went and re-read the lyrics the SIHYGF. They’re hilarious…but we could have women everywhere hating the very ground we walk on.
    I say we do it!

  7. I dig that Has Been (Again) lyric. Powder Keg never caught my attention when you sent it to me months and months ago, but I’m sure I can come up with a punk riff to it and send it off. The lyrics didn’t sound like punk, tho’, but bad 80s heavy metal. Not sure if I can read it without thinking of Ratt or Dokken.

  8. I imagine Powder Keg more like Veruca Salt or a heavier Weezer sound.
    However, when you say Ratt…I have absolutely no problem with that.
    But as I said, I picture it as a very short song, so at the very least it wouldn’t take long for us to do.

  9. For Powder Keg think:

    Veruca Salt “Seether” meets Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”

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