Sir Pent Retires

It appears that my time as a member of Lizards From Afar should come to a close. I just feel like the guys have a better chance for whatever kind of success they might want to achieve without me. It’s clear to me that the music that they are creating is leaps and bounds better than what I can contribute either as a writer or a drummer.

I’d like to thank the guys for all the memories. One of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me was meeting you guys and you all tolerating me. I wish you all the success in the world and hopefully I can tell my son someday, “Hey, I used to be in that band!”

I am the weakest link. Good-bye.
Sir Pent

Viva La Lizards Forever


43 Responses to “Sir Pent Retires”

  1. …and a shout out to the Gila Monster and Komodo Dragon. Brothers forever.
    Sir Pent

  2. choppernewt Says:

    This is by far the gayest post I’ve ever seen. Get back to writing. You’re like George Costanza. We don’t accept this breakup.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    And thanks for the congrats you sent out w/r/t my career situation, all bs aside… I really appreciated it.

  4. Is this some kind of ploy to get us all to praise your abilities and thus make you feel better about yourself? I’m not falling for that crap.

    When do we hear your KFC commerical, Chops? Is that what you did? A KFC commercial?

  5. choppernewt Says:

    Yeah, KFC radio and TV commercials. I don’t know when they will run. Taking time off to go to Chicago three times in a week put a strain on my boss’s goodwill toward the endeavor, so I’ve ordered ISDN equipment and a Neumann mic for the home studio. So whatever I make on this job is already spent and then some, but at least it’s being reinvested in the business, I guess.

  6. Now must go google ISDN….

    The mic ought to be handy, anyway. Is it useful for singing, too?

    Well, I’m back in the States, but in CT and NYC until Monday, then back to Ohio where my guitar gently weeps all alone awaiting my loving caress. I will do some new music soon.

    And what’s up with the Pent-angle, anyway?

  7. Pssht. The weakest link is the one who writes in twice a month, man, and that honor belongs to me.

    Hope this is a joke, or explicable in some other way : )

  8. choppernewt Says:

    No, this all makes perfect sense. Metro’s just the first one to admit it. We’re all inadequate as rock stars. I propose we ALL quit, and replace ourselves with members of Coldplay. They will change the name of the band from Lizards From Afar to Coldplay, and they will write and perform all songs, which will be far better than our efforts. Thus our legacy will live on in the timeless music of Coldplay. Amen.

    Or alternately, we could continue with our hobby (all four of us), enjoy making music and quit worrying about it.

  9. What he says.

    If anyone feels inadequate, you’re in the right club. If you don’t like it, then study your music. I’ve been studying my blues scales…..

  10. Ok, I awoke this morn and this post is still here. Can I erase it yet?

  11. I’m not done making Chopper feel guilty yet.

  12. no no! *I* wanna be the weakest link! can I, huh? please, can I?

  13. Gordon, you are a musician. Sir Bent is the only impostor here.

    And because Bent-Boy is always complaining, I’m going to come up with a riff to his Powder Keg lyric. It will be precisely 1 minute long at about 200 bpm. Any longer is a waste of time.

    Gordon, did you listen to Four H and Fourteen yet?

  14. choppernewt Says:

    BTW, I love that 1 minute idea. I think we should move toward post-modernism, setting limitations and seeing if we can work within them. The next song should be restricted to one chord. We would then officially be in our “Kid A” stage.

  15. HEY! Don’t be sucking up to Gordon. You’re in the Lizards not Cuttlefish.

    – – – – – – –

    If you’re trying to get at me by threatening me with a 1-minute song, you’re working the wrong angle. I love the idea of a 1-minute song and if any song ever fit that criteria (written by me) it would probably be Powder Keg. (Although I think my “demo” is about 1 min 30 secs)

    – – – – – – –

    NOTE: one of my favorite songs of all time = Storm Troopers Of Death “Diamonds and Rust”…6 seconds long.

  16. I can cram 1:30 into 1 minute by upping the BPM. Where’s that demo. No, don’t tell me. I don’t want anything to influence me. I already have something in mind for it.

    I don’t think one chord will do it, tho’. The next Sir Bent song can be one chord.

  17. Lyrics have been re-sent to you.
    I’d hate to have it “crammed” into 1-minute if it doesn’t fit.
    I’d prefer to write a song that was meant for 1-minute ala Choppers suggestion above.

  18. No, no. It’s one fucking minute and that’s IT! Don’t try to dissuade me. Hell, I just looked at the lyrics and I think I can do it in less than a minute. I’ll have to drag the song out interminably to reach 60 seconds.

  19. Kind of like sex with me…

  20. choppernewt Says:

    Short songs? Fucking WAGES OF SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry nailed that one.

  21. I forgot about WAGES OF SIN!
    We should totally record that and send it to him!!!

  22. My brother pointed me to a good independent music station: Radio 1190 KVCU ( Should I ask them if they’ll play our music? I imagine we’d have to send them a hi-fi CD….

  23. choppernewt Says:

    Freaking independent radio. CD’s probably won’t be good enough for them. They’ll probably demand freaking 180-gram vinyl. Hippies.

  24. choppernewt Says:

    That last post brought to you by the spirit of the Gila Monster.

  25. You’re just showing off your knowledge of vintage hi-fi. So, shut up. Now googling 180-gram vinyl….

  26. I prefer 10CC.

  27. 4H and Fourteen..
    I love the rhyme, undertow/afterglow.. and the way you vary lines from verse to verse, in a sort of faux-repetition.

    drowned everyone we used to know.. got knocked up in the afterglow
    screwed everyone we used to know … drowned everything we used to know

    guitar solos.. epic, non-wanky, tasteful/powerful

    the drum bit at the end was a pleasant surprise..
    on my first listen I thought, “please don’t come back in with more song. end it just like this.”
    and then I got my wish.

    excellent song lads.

  28. batphone..

    fav moment: drum fill at 1:33.

    is there no bass in this? i hear vox, drums & a few guitar tracks.
    I’d love to hear more, but that’s just me.

    vocals are excellent.

  29. Bass? Yeah, there’s bass in Batphone. Chopper is playing it.

    Thanks for the kudos, too, Gordon.

  30. choppernewt Says:

    Wow, thanks Gordon. As vocalist-by-default, I appreciate the compliment on BP.

    I play bass but (until 4H) it’s been pretty low in the mix as it’s pretty vanilla – I can get by, but I’m not doing anything interesting.

  31. “…I’m not doing anything interesting.”

    Tell me about it.

  32. 4H bass is definitely high in the mix, but it sounds excellent. I want to hear some slap bass next time, Chops!

    I saw a Neumann microphone at Guitar Center, by the way–that damned thing cost $1000! And I’m using a dynamic mic from the 80s that cost, back then, about $30. Ha. And it sounds like I have my head in a bucket.

  33. You have to buy me drums before you buy yourself that mic.

    If I can figure out how to use that mic, I’ll have a good one.

  34. I’m not buying myself no mic, although I’m tempted to get one of those cheapo condensers for about $100. The question is whether to get a USB one or one I’ll plug through the Toneport. On the other hand, I’ve also considered buying a strat neck for my tele and forgetting about a mic.

    For the past hour I’ve been working out the music to this Powder Keg lyric. It’s coming along, but won’t be ready anytime soon. I haven’t gotten to the recording part yet…. and I’ve run out of time for today.

  35. I have that USB mic and it’s not working with Cubase.
    I can make it work with the OS, but Cubase will not recognize it as an input source. Haven’t really spent too much time figuring out why. (When I actually have time to deal with Cubase, I usually am either drumming OR doing one of my cheesy vocal demos.)
    Once I figure out what the problem is, I’ve read that a LOT of people think the Snowball does a better than average job for recording vocals. Probably not to the level that Chimper is accustomed to, but more than ample for whatever I will need.

  36. Well, it’s not too ample if you can’t get it to work. If you can hear it through your system then Cubase ought to be able to record that signal. Can you select the stereo source on each track? That’s what I do in mixcraft. Also, try turning on the “monitor incoming audio” button if you have one.

    The Toneport that Chops and I are using also connects to the computer via usb and there’s no way to “hear” the sound produced directly through usb. The recording application picks it up, but no sound is sent through the soundcard. You can monitor the incoming audio post-processed through the recording app, but then you get the dreaded latency problem. Fortunately, the Toneport allows one to monitor sound directly from the device–in fact, by taking over all soundcard duties on the computer. But your mic won’t do that, so you’ll have to monitor it through Cubase. If you don’t have ASIO drivers on your soundcard you’ll probably have terrible latency, however. Although I don’t know anything about macs.

  37. I’ve done a few searches on Cubase and USB mics and it seems that there are is a common problem and a workaround that seems pretty common. I just need to go in and follow the steps to see if I can make it work. Hopefully I will be able to get to this sometime this coming weekend. (But probably not as it is Elwyn’s birthday weekend and Gina has a lot plans for what is going to take place this weekend.)

  38. SUCCESS!!
    After reading about 5 different forums, I pieced together what I would need to do to make it work.
    1 – make sure the mic is plugged in BEFORE Cubase is launched

    2 – make sure your monitoring software (I have LineIn) is launched BEFORE Cubase is launched

    3 – Under Devices > Device Set Up > VST System Link

    4 – Under Setup Tab > check Active

    5 – Set ASIO Input to BLANK

    …and it worked. I have to do some more testing, but I was able to use the mic to record my voice. Sweet.

  39. How does it sound?

    I was reading around, too, and read some pretty bad reviews of these USB condenser mics. And it’s not like a condenser will suddenly make my voice sound better anyway. What I need to learn is HOW to sing.

  40. I really haven’t had any chance to test out “how” to use it yet. I figured out the problem mere minutes before I had to leave for work yesterday. I’ll test it out this weekend and maybe post some files…

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