Gecko Goes Off Deep End

Deranged by the effects of an alien tick bite and four weeks hard touring in the U.K., and driven into a deep depression by the sudden disappearance of long-time LFA skin-pounder Sir Pent (alias Serpentuh), the Gecko threw his guitars down a stairwell, got roaring drunk, then stole a boat to Sheffield Island off the coast of Connecticut where he intends to live out the rest of his life as a hermit. No amount of pleading by the remaining Lizards can make him quit his island refuge where his only neighbors are wading birds and starving deer.

Amazed at the recent turn of events, Gator remarked, “I suppose this is what happens when success comes too fast, but I never thought it would happen to us because we had our ART, man!”


6 Responses to “Gecko Goes Off Deep End”

  1. At least something that you helped create has made it into a podcast…

  2. choppernewt Says:

    So that leaves just me and the Gator? I’m one flipped-out bandmate away from realizing my dream of releasing an album of garage versions of my favorite highlights from “Kristina Fran Duvemala”. And I’ll bet I could even talk Gator into it, if need be.

    Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

  3. Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask about the Chopper remix of KFL. Did you ever release that?

    With regards to the fortunes of LFA, I’ve been thinking I should write a short-story series about us called “This is Lizards From Afar.” I already have the whole plot since it’s just the myth of rock’n’roll.

  4. Fortunately our here on my (mental) island I have broadband internet access, so nothing can stop me from continuing to plague Metro Pent Uh with my relentless mockery.

    I also dropped Hipgnosis records a myspace message about our music. Eric, the producer will probably remember me since I taught a course that met weekly in his coffee shop back in 2003 (only because the course’s assigned room at Antioch College was too depressingly decrepit to be borne). The course was on the history of Ancient Rome and the shop owners, being Italian, loved having me there. They gave my students free cannoli and played Respighi on the radio. Other denizens of the shop pulled their chairs over to hear our discussions on Roman imperialism. At any rate, maybe this will mean Eric will actually listen to the music before telling us to bugger off.

    When we do a live show we must have a giant inflatable lizard on stage, you know.

  5. Tell this hipgnosis guy that I have a lot of demands, am childish, self-centered and vindictive. If he’s OK with all of that then I am fine.

  6. Well, he hasn’t answered and there doesn’t seem to have been much activity on his website or myspace site, so I wonder if he gave up and went out of business. I haven’t talked to him in about a year.

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