Lizards From Afar Paraphernalia

Because we are such a huge hit (in inner Mongolia, I hear), we had to issue t-shirts and decals to our loyal fans. Here’s the Gecko insanely happy to sport his black LFA t-shirt and LFA decal on his black tele, right above the obligatory punk anarchy sticker.

Thanks to Sir Pent for doing all this work! I hear he’s already got orders from Korea. I hope the shipping isn’t too expensive.

Vintage 1991 LFA concert poster (in red) behind the Gecko not yet available. Have to get the Pent on this right away.


13 Responses to “Lizards From Afar Paraphernalia”

  1. And, damn! Bob, the shirts are great! So are the decals! Can’t believe I got them already.

    By the way, you have to send images of yourselves in the shirts, too.

  2. I’m amazed you got yours already.
    …and for anyone outside the Lizards organization that wants a tshirt…just you forget it!

  3. Also, on the front page is a close-up of your guit with an “approximated” decal. I think a real pic close up is in order.

  4. The actual decal and the “approximated” one are eerily similar. I installed it in the same location. I don’t know if anyone could tell the difference. But I’ll do a new pic.

    My only issue with my guitar, really, is that it’s a Squier. I’m such a snob! Sure, I can complain that the fingerboard isn’t all that great (not as great as my old Ibanez by a long shot), but really this Squier rocks, except that guitar snobs (of which there are zillions) look down on Squier. Also, I really wish it had the over sized Stratocaster head stock, which is far more beautiful. Still, with those stickers it’s the coolest guitar I’ve owned, Squier or no.

    Anyway, in music news, I’ll upload flacs for Channeling You and we’ll see what will come of it. And, dammit Chops, I expect vocals, bass, and a quickie punk guitar solo on Powder Keg. Stat!

  5. And you were all worried that it wasn’t “all black”…that subtle bit makes all the difference? What’s more punk than different shades of black?

    Do I need to re-re-re-re-record the drums for Channeling You?

  6. Oh, hell yeah. Use the right bit rate this time, too. But you might as well wait until I’ve uploaded the flacs for the newest version. I’ll let you know when they’re there.

    You should probably go ahead and rerecord Powder Keg, too. I never could get rid of the pops.

  7. choppernewt Says:

    I got my care package too.

    This shirt is fucking fantastic. Bravo to you, sir. I will wear this damn near all the time, except when I’m wearing my fabulous Maiden shirt, like I am right now. Two shirts, from now on, alternating weeks.

    That which you do, Metro, you do masterfully. I am reminded of the drawing so real, so lifelike, it had to be set ablaze. I’m glad I don’t have to set my shirt on fire.

    Let me know when there are ready-to-use drums up for PK, and I’ll make the supreme effort to get us a new song out the door. Least I can do, and all that. Hey, I can do vocals on my new rig! Nice.

    I have a .mov of one of my KFC commercials. I’m fabulous!

  8. I’ll try re-recording the drums for PK sometime this weekend.

    Send me a copy of that mov file so that I can hear the superstar.

  9. Yeah, I want to see the movie, too.

    I uploaded the drum loops for PK, Chops, so you can always use those for recording the vocals until you get Pent-boy’s drums.

  10. OK…I sent Gordon a tshirt and some decals too.
    I would drop off a tshirt to Gila (seeing is his house is technically on my way home from work)…but since he doesn’t really speak to me for some reason I guess that means he’s SOL.

  11. Gila never replied…as usual…

  12. Speaking of Gordon, I realized we should link to his band’s RN site on the blog, so scroll down and there it is. I’ll also put it in the blogroll.

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