YES Hiatus or NO Hiatus

In comparison to the years 1993 to 2007, 2008 has been flurry of activity for the Lizards from Afar. That is, if you can call a change from ZERO activity to SOME activity a “flurry”. (Which I do.) However, by our own definition our output is fairly minimal. In the last year we have released 5 brand new songs, a few variations of these 5 songs and 1 re-make of one of our old songs. All in all it averages to about 1 song per month.

So now we have come to an impasse. Our good friend, founding member, lead singer and overall motivating force Chopper Newt has embarked upon what we hope is a total failure…errr, what we all hope is a great career. He has successfully penetrated the lucrative world of commercial voice-over work. He has hooked up with a great talent agency and completed projects for national retailers.

So what is the impasse? Time. Our minimal output of product since our reunion can be blamed squarely on Ivan…errr, the fact that this endeavor has been all of our tertiary obligation. The Lizards came after our day jobs and our familial obligations. Chopper now has:
Family > Day Job > VO Career > Lizards.

So I put it to you, our loyal fan…errr, our loyal fans. If you read this, please use the comments to cast your votes:
YES Hiatus
NO Hiatus

YOUR vote could be the inspiration that motivates Chopper to stay up that extra late night to finish a song OR goes directly to bed.
The comments section is now open…


4 Responses to “YES Hiatus or NO Hiatus”

  1. …oh, and I vote NO Hiatus…

  2. I vote we do songs whenever we have the chance. I also vote Pent-up-boy quits writing posts, especially with tags that have nothing at all to do with the post.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    No hiatus. Hiatuses are, I think, generally not good. Of course, Metro might consider going for two hours without cranking out five new song lyrics a hiatus, so it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Things are quiet for the moment, but it should pick up again in a bit, with 4H getting a podcast airing in the next few weeks, and of course, the influx of new website visitors based on our new walking advertisements. I’m also disappointed that Metro didn’t use Michael Phelps as a tag, that would have gotten some action. I don’t think he’s really trying.

    And now I shall hide under my desk.

  4. Speaking of no hiatuses, I’m going to try some background screaming for Powder Keg. I have a good idea for that; we’ll see if it works. If it does, I expect Metro to add his screaming in, too.

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