LFA Featured on Insomnia Radio

Insomnia Radio, the Indie Music Network has featured “Four H and Fourteen” on the “Daily Dose.”

One thing I learned, however, is to provide them a script introducing ourselves and our music, otherwise they take it right off our web sites–and who would blame them? I’d do the same thing, maybe. But in this case they used Sir Pent’s breathless but ironic Myspace script about the return of LFA written as if everyone already knew about this totally obscure group (us) and had been awaiting our return for years. Yeah! I guess I’d prefer to write a new script introducing us anew. But no big deal! Thanks to Insomnia Radio and Stuart Morrison for featuring the song.

But go listen to–and download–the mp3, particularly because this is a high fidelity version at 256 kbps. It sounds far better than the one we currently have up on ReverbNation.com, which is only 128kpbs because of site space constraints.


27 Responses to “LFA Featured on Insomnia Radio”

  1. choppernewt Says:

    It’s awesome to be up on their page, thanks for getting that to them, Gecko, and thanks to Insomnia Radio for the attention!

  2. I submitted us to 5 Independent music sites but haven’t heard anything back from any of them. I feel as though I have let you both down…

  3. I’m in Ohio, nearly $300 poorer. Damned hot here, too. My daughter seems ok. No infection as of yet. They are 2nd degree burns.

    We should be getting more attention from IR as they are going to do a regular feature of us, not just on the “daily dose.” Don’t know when yet.

    Sir: You have let us down.

    I’ll be here for the next 5 days, so no music recording for me. Sorry. The only thing extant is “Channeling Lou.” Is that something anybody is interesting in pursuing further? And if so, are the wav files I uploaded going to be useful or is the level too low?

  4. DANG…must’ve been some hot coffee!!
    I’ll be sending positive thoughts.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    I was kinda diggin’ the latest Channeling You version with Gecko vocals but am torn:

    1) it was never one of my fave LFA songs (although this new version IS far superior)

    2) having listened to it a few times, I still can’t think of a drum part that the Gecko would not label as “boring”

    3) My first choice would be to focus on new stuff as much as possible…whether it be mine, Gator, Choppers or Geckos (Shall the Chopper ere write once more?)

  5. So Gecko…how is she doing?

  6. Hi. She’s doing ok. Nasty-looking burn, but it’s confined to her right side.

    Have you seen the amount of traffic? Some of it might be from the IR feature, but a lot of it is probably my undergraduates. I use a wordpress blog for my courses now (the “blackboard” system the university uses is a real hassle), and on the “about” page I put in a reverbnation banner. I didn’t point the students to the about page or anything else, but of course they’ll click around unsupervised. Whoever is visiting is listening to the old music, however, which is interesting.

    My course blog is at: cunyhistorytalk.wordpress.com. If you go there you’ll be treated to the view of Manhattan from the roof of my Brooklyn apartment, which is pretty spectacular.

    As for CY, I vote to finish it as I did much work already. So that’s one yea and one nay. We need Chop’s vote. At any rate, it’s mostly a new song. I don’t see why Pent-boy can’t come up with drums for it. I tried to give you an idea of what I wanted with the drum loops. So, vote, Chops. If you don’t want to do it, I’m dropping it for good, as that will be two to one–unless you want to give Gator a vote.

  7. Glad she’s OK.

    I wouldn’t put me down as a “NAY”…I’d put me as a neutral. I’m not against doing it, just not “excited” about doing it like I have been with the 7 songs we’ve cobbled together thus far.

  8. choppernewt Says:

    I’ll do it.

  9. Cool. Let me know when you examine the wav files if the levels are too low. If so, I’ll re-render and repost next week.

  10. Well…then I vote NAY!

  11. Not to complain…but what’s with Tantric Pathways getting so many hits over the past few days?
    Could that album be to the LFA what Smile was to the Beach Boys?

  12. choppernewt Says:


  13. I noticed that, too. Strange, really.

    There must be a lurker here who knew us during the TP days. Maybe it’s Tom?!

  14. choppernewt Says:

    Based on Serps wall-to-wall with K Perry on facebook, I was assuming that it was him.

  15. I know nothing about it. Nor do I know who K Perry is.

  16. It might be K Perry. (Gator’s old room-mate in the IWU days.)
    He appears to be digging the new LFA stuff as well.

    …and I think it’s because the songwriting on TP was far superior to the previous 2 albums. Especially MY stuff!

  17. I think I might remember him! He really liked my rock instrumental, “Chasing the Dragon,” which could really use a dusting off, now that I think of it. Yeah, a Rush-style instrumental might be in our future…

    Where is this facebook wall-to-wall? I don’t have a facebook account, so perhaps I can’t see any of this stuff.

  18. You’d have to create a Facebook account and ask him to be a “friend”.
    It’s very much like MySpace but a fewer hoops to jump through to start an account.

  19. choppernewt Says:

    Facebook > myspace.

    I love facebook. And I’m basically anti-social networking, so that’s saying something.

    Hey! I just pimped facebook on our blog! Maybe they’ll send me a tote-bag.

    It is well worth signing up.

  20. I don’t “love” Facebook…but I do think it’s easier overall than myspace. Less clunky…more streamlined. However, I think they fulfill the same purpose.

  21. choppernewt Says:

    OK, I’ll argue this.

    Facebook is far better for my purposes anyway, in that my putting in my high school and college (I could have done employer if there was anyone here I wanted to talk to) it pulled in loads of people I knew and had totally lost track of, and once I’d connected with them, it continues to make suggestions of new friends based on who they have connected with – at this point, there are a metric ton of people I’m conversing with that I never would have found otherwise.

    Number two, my profile is not accessible to anyone who isn’t my friend already, so people may see that I’m on there and send me a request, but until I say so they can’t interact with me, which is the way I like it. There are no spam friend requests.

    Finally, it’s just freaking easy to use. It is very simple to make a comment or message to friends; there is a built-in messenger app that tells you which friends are online and you can chat with them instantly; and the updates are much more robust on what your friends are doing/saying. I didn’t like myspace much to begin with, but having signed on to FB, now I REALLY dislike it.

    They may have the same purpose in mind, but while FB slam-dunks achieving that purpose, I think it’s a stretch to say that myspace even gets near it.

    So there. Just try it.

  22. Hmm. Well, I practically never even log on to my myspace page. Only if I’m bored, which is rare. My wife has a facebook account, which she only got because it turned out some of her students had started a fan club for her as a professor and she wanted to see it. Then, without even trying, various friends started contacting her. I’m not sure she checks her page very often, though.

    Do we have a LFA facebook page? Or is that the iLike thingy? Godz, I feel like a tech philistine.

  23. All of that stuff you described can be done with myspace…but as I said, FaceBook is more streamlined and easier to use. I’m not even trying to “defend” myspace as I would like to get rid of it if we hadn’t already built up several thousands friends we can already communicate with.

    I can kind of separate them this way:
    – myspace is a way to creatively represent yourself while socially networking
    > custom page layouts
    > blogging
    > mini-business features
    – facebook is a more utilitarian way of socially networking
    > mini-blog (twittering)

    – – – – – – – –

    iLike is the media “sister” to FaceBook. It does not have functionality built in…but you can link up to iLike (or a few other) systems.

  24. choppernewt Says:

    We have a sort of default band page on facebook which created itself because of our presence on iLike.

    The situation you described, Gecko, is just like what I found (except it was just me in both cases). Can that stuff be done on myspace? Sure. Is it easy or pleasant to do so? Hell-to-tha-no.

    I suppose if I’d used my real name on my myspace profile I might have had different results. But I’m glad I didn’t.

  25. Does your tummy hurt? From drinking all that Hater-Ade?

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