Vintage Lizards MP3s Temporarily Unavailable!

Current estimates indicate that up to ten people may be mildly inconvenienced!

Film at 11.


21 Responses to “Vintage Lizards MP3s Temporarily Unavailable!”

  1. That’s way too high an estimate.

  2. Vintage might be way to high an adjective.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    You know the media. Always blowing stuff out of proportion.

  4. “Temporarily” is also a problem as I, for one, have no plans to make them available again as a regular download.

  5. Blowing might be way too high a verb.

  6. Now you’re just writing stuff that makes no sense. But if I were to continue quibbling we’d have to start with “inconvenienced” and “mildly.”

    Finished all my article editing, so I decided to “vintage” my guitar on the front page a la Joe Strummer. Boy it’s amazing what one can do with Photoshop. I wish this were really my guitar. Maybe in about 25 years of hard gigging and a new (vintage) neck it would look like this.

  7. No sense like a fox!

    I prefer to use Photoshop to make Chopper look like a Giant Chicken.

  8. That’s because you not an arteest like I am.

    Speaking of art, I listened to Kung Fu Lover on the train this morn and I don’t really hear any tambourine problems, nor do I miss the toms anymore. But there still is percussion problem: with the second breakdown. Pently falls off the beat (particularly with the bass drum) right at the beginning of the breakdown and it sounds odd. Actually, he seems to anticipate the beat just a hair, hitting the bass drum perhaps a sixteenth beat too soon. Can you just nudge that drum, Chopski? If not, is that file available so I can nudge it?

    We’ll still be working on this song when we’re 50. Which isn’t far off, damnit.

  9. Oh Matt, Matt, Matt…
    You name the song and I can tell you a spot where I am off the beat. I’m just plain awful.

  10. That’s true, but fortunately we have the magic of computer technology to cover your faults. At any rate, you could just replay that one part of the song until it’s in good time and we can insert it. Oui?

  11. I think I’m done with KFL…but if you want to noodle it to fix problems that bug you, enjoy.

    I’m getting really excited about Channeling You. I have some really solid ideas on what I want to do. (& I hope you all like.) Unfortunately, the Mother In Law is in for the rest of the week and has planted stake in my drum room…so probably nothing this week/weekend.

  12. I find that a little much. If the problem is on your end, then you ought to be willing to fix it. With the time and technology we now have there’s no need to be satisfied with issues like this.

    That said, I think this is fixable with a little nudging of the wav file.

  13. I’m saying I don’t hear the problem. When there have been problems in the past…when I am capable…I have gone in and fixed. I don’t hear a “problem”.
    It sounds like me drumming. For me the song is done.

  14. Fine. It’s only nitpicking, I guess. I listened again and it’s _less_ than a 16th beat off, but I’m not making it up.

    I’ve been listening to a New York band called Vampire Weekend. I heard about them last spring, but never got around to listening to their work. Have you guys heard them? Very cool stuff, I think.

  15. choppernewt Says:

    I read about them, but I never heard the stuff. I remember almost buying the record right after it came out, based on the strength of the reviews – then I remembered that I often get screwed out of 10 bucks that way, so I held off. Maybe I’ll revisit the idea.

  16. choppernewt Says:

    I wouldn’t argue that the drums are kind of a mess on KFL, and I don’t doubt that what you’re saying is true. That was the song that gave me twenty headaches to assemble because it is separate drum tracks and they did not line up with each other like the GR ones did, so in the end I had to compromise in a lot of places, trying to decide what to keep time with. I’m just not anxious to go back to that mess, and I think we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with that song anyway. Live and learn, apply knowledge to the next one and not make the same mistakes again, I suppose that’s my desire right now.


    I dig the song “Oxford Comma,” which also has a great video I see. “Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?”

  18. I agree. If we want to revist the song one day, it would deserve a start from the beginning. I think now we’re recording at the same bit depth and sample rate makes a big difference, although I don’t know why.

  19. OK…so K Perry left me a Facebook message saying that he had burned through his LFA tapes and was glad the mp3s were available…so I’m hoping he meant that he had downloaded what he wanted…

    He also mentioned that he had an entire tape of Gecko instrumentals that he and his friends found quite gratifying.

  20. Gecko instrumentals? I wonder what I recorded? I don’t seem to have those myself. Maybe he can make me a copy.

    Incidentally, this seems to be a fairly big traffic day for this site. I wonder who’s here listening or reading.

  21. He stated it as he “had” an instrumental tape…so me don’t thinks he has anymore. If you were to be able to get on Facebook, you could ask him.

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