Got a 360? Look me up.

I changed my GT on xbox live to Chopper Newt.  Apparently using a permutation of your real name makes you a target of derision.  At least I hope that was what was causing it.  Anyway, playing against strangers is grating on me, so if you’re listening to LFA while you play Halo 3, why not get all meta and postmodern and listen to LFA while playing against a member of LFA?  FR me.  Oh, and also, I suck at all games.


9 Responses to “Got a 360? Look me up.”

  1. I don’t know what any of this means…but could I advertise my Wii game?

  2. choppernewt Says:

    Like a Wii game you’ve created? I’m kind of afraid of that.

    Or just to sell a Wii? That would send our site traffic through the roof for sure.

    Actually, I saw Wii consoles sitting out, available, tonight when I was at Best Buy with Rich, so I guess they must not be cool anymore.

  3. I meant my mii character so that I could head-to-head with other people!

  4. I don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about.

    No, don’t tell me, either.

  5. choppernewt Says:

    Gecko, why do you hate fun?

  6. Because I am pure evil and my greatest pleasure comes from destroying pleasure in other people.

    But seriously, I have never had a gamebox of any sort, although I get a kick out of computer games. I have a game on my computer called “Stronghold Crusader” and watching my crossbowmen take out a company of charging swordsmen is a great pleasure. But I think that’s the ONLY game currently on my computer, and I have played it perhaps once in the past eight months. Seems there is no time in my life for more than one hobby, and right now I can either play a game (and actually using a mouse for more than an hour makes my hand hurt), or record music. I vote for the music; it seems more lasting.

    Other than that I write.

    I suppose I have another “hobby,” and its called doing whatever my daughter wants to do. Today we’re taking her to an old train station where her favorite train is giving rides: Thomas the Engine. Boy, is she excited.

    I’m making fun of your gamebox half-lives only because deep down I’d like to play Halo, too. I’m not really sure what Halo is, though. I gather it involves lots of shooting with advanced weaponry.

    Now, on to see Thomas the Tank Engine!

  7. I actually have only played our Wii 2 or 3 times in the 3 months we have owned it. It was mostly for my wife and little E to enjoy. (Little E also has his own Nintendo DS and Leap Frog gaming console with several learning video games.)

    My only hobby right now is writing lyrics and playing the drum parts for the songs you guys compose. I want to get back into Art someday, as I really do miss that…but with Little E and daily responsibilities I only have so much time to focus on stuff like that.

    – – – – – – –

    I’ve heard that Thomas thing is a HUGE rip-off. A friend of ours took theirs to it last year and from his description it sounded like an incredibly uncontrolled line at Disney that leads to the most “Meh” ride in history.

  8. Well, little kids love it. Yetta was jumping up and down and screaming when Thomas came “peep peep”ing into the station. Plus the line wasn’t that long. It was, however, hotter than the 7th layer of hell, which made everything fairly miserable.

  9. They do that around here every few months and we’ve been tempted to go…but as I said, my friend said it was utter chaos (it sells out months in advance here), miserable and even though the kids DO love it, it’s about 10 minutes of excitement for a few hours of misery.

    Little E used to really be into Thomas but has since moved onto Batman/Superman and robots.

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