Chicago Independent Radio Project

This seems like a worthy thing to get behind!
– Sir Pent

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The Chicago Independent Radio Project, or CHIRP, was formed to bring a truly independent community radio station to Chicago. Many people involved with CHIRP worked at WLUW, and when the station’s owner, Loyola University, announced plans to retake control of WLUW, leaving its future as a community radio station gravely in doubt, station staff and volunteers recognized that they needed to do something to ensure that the type of adventurous, innovative, local programming found on WLUW would continue to have a home, no matter what Loyola did. The decision also made it clearer than ever that ownership truly is essential in being able to provide high-quality, consistent programming.

At a time when corporate-owned radio grows ever more bland, repetitious, and commercialized, community radio is more important than ever. The volunteers at CHIRP are true believers in radio that is diverse, exciting, live, and locally-based. Community radio is non-commercial, and is created by regular people from all walks of life, not just broadcast professionals. It is committed to playing music the big stations won’t touch, and to providing news and views you won’t find in the mainstream media. This is the kind of station CHIRP plans to create.

CHIRP must accomplish several things before it is able to get a license for a new station. It must convince Congress and the FCC to change rules that say there is no room for new low power FM radio stations in big cities like Chicago. And it must raise funds so that the organization would be prepared to apply for a new license, secure space for and build out studios, and run the station.

Fortunately, both of these goals are well underway. Congress and the FCC are in the midst of reconsidering the law that limited LPFM to rural and exurban areas. And CHIRP has already raised thousands of dollars thanks to the generous support of individuals, bands, venues, and foundations. You can find out more about what you can do to help at:


3 Responses to “Chicago Independent Radio Project”

  1. Hope Gecko and Chopper don’t mind my using the blog to promote some potential independent radio in Chi-town.

  2. I’m certainly in favor of this, as it is only these sorts of stations that will play interesting music, including our own. Except for NPR and our local public classical music station, I can’t bear to listen to ANY radio these days.

  3. If I start feeling better physically, this may be something that I try to get really involved in.
    Lights Out, Guerrilla Radio, Turn That Shit Up!!

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