Death Magnetic, Reconsidered

I think I was too tough on the new Metallica CD after the first time through, as it seems to me to be a lot more entertaining on second listen.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still too long, Hetfield’s lyric writing skills have not bounced back, and once it gets to the Zune chances are that at the very least “Unforgiven 3” (the 3 is for 3 times the suck!  That’s not true, the suck amount is actually cubed by my estimation) will not make the leap, making this only the second album ever to be ripped to my Zune without all the tracks.  The other is the most recent Magnetic Fields, in which “Zombie Boy” was deemed reprehensible and not shuffle-worthy.   So in closing, if your band name or album title contains the word “magnetic”, I will apparently excise material before putting you on my player.


22 Responses to “Death Magnetic, Reconsidered”

  1. I’ve listened to it a few times now. I’ve decided that it is not nearly as awful as St. Anger. Also, it starts out lame and gets better as the album progresses. (With the exception of Unforgiven 3, which truly sucks to the third power.)
    My favorite song is the last, My Apocalypse.

  2. Haven’t heard it, nor will I, I imagine, unless somebody gives me the CD since I’m not likely to buy it. The return of Metallica is like the return of Star Wars or Indiana Jones: something over and done with no reason to recapitulate.

  3. choppernewt Says:

    They need to remaster the old albums. Why haven’t they done that yet? Does Lars hate $? That blow is pricey, you know.

    Anyway, I think you’re dismissing it too quickly. The songs are very long and the guitar work has a lot of good stuff – two things that seem to scream “GECKO”. I’d advise you to BT it, but I expect Lars might murder you. And then do blow off of your corpse.

  4. No, no, I’m not dismissing it too quickly. You’re giving it too much of a chance, but then you also liked the new Indian Jones movie.

    Why don’t you just rip the cd and send the mp3s to me as thanks for writing such great music for our little virtual band…. If you do that, Lars will murder you, not me.

    For a long while I was back into the epic rock stage, wanting songs never to end, and to have intricate guitar work. Right now I’m feeling minimalist. Mr. P is pretty minimal. I think the next song will be even more so, although if it’s Gator’s new lyrics it has to be loud and heavy at the same time. I’ve been trying to come up with a good opening riff to that lyric, but nothing yet.

    Actually, I should do no LFA work until you produce something, lazy boy.

    BTW, your mention of Metallica has generated some traffic here. The internet is so predictable.

  5. I strongly disliked the 1st three tracks on the album.
    The next three are pretty good.
    The last one melts my face off!!

  6. choppernewt Says:

    Predictable, and yet we so seldom take advantage of it. Hmm.

    I contain multitudes, Gecko, and some of them like Metallica. It’s all part of what makes me me.

    While I’m espousing unpopular opinions, I would also like to state that “Clifford” starring Martin Short as a 10 year old is an awesome movie. Perhaps I will post about that next.

  7. Nope. Clifford contains the cardinal sin…roller coaster.
    All movies that “feature” roller coasters are no good.

  8. I note that all the many recent posts are Chopper’s and Bent-boy’s, not mine. Perhaps when I can get our music featured on another blog or podcast I’ll post about it.

    Speaking of, has anyone checked out Si non, je le commend. In fact I’m listening to it right now while I try to write an application letter for a job for which I am totally over- and wrongly-qualified. But I doubt they’ll play our stuff, since I’m now listening to Radiohead on this site–although I do think Radiohead is over-esteemed. If I can figure out how to submit music, I’ll do it. Eventually.

  9. choppernewt Says:

    That you would pick the roller-coaster out of Clifford as the central reason it is a failure is mind-blowing.

    Charles Grodin + Martin Short = Can’t miss. I will brook no dissent on this topic.

    I think our next post should be about Rihanna – then we can watch this place blow the fuck up. I’m sure there’s a crossover audience there.

    For MY next post, watch for a thoughtful treatise on that song about Lip Gloss, and how it is “poppin'”.

  10. Not as mind-blowing as the fact that you’re talking about Clifford, Rihanna (whoever that is), and Metallica in one blog post.

  11. Not saying the coaster is the central reason, it’s blinking warning sign before a patch of rough road for the worst of movies.

    I’d also like to point out that when I was posting about and tagging about Britney and Lindsey, I was given a stern talking too. So Matt…sick ’em!!

  12. choppernewt Says:

    My post is actually about what is tagged. So Metro… suck ’em!

  13. Well, thus far, Chopper hasn’t gone too far off the subject. Metallica is music, after all. It’s not like mentioning Britney or Lindsey.

    I was _this_ close to revoking his administrative privileges when he posted about the Xbox thing, however.

    he he. This is where your average internet geek would add a smiley face emoticon. Fuck that.

    Which reminds me, on I heard a song called Fuck Buttons. I love indie music.

  14. Britney and Lindsey are both legitimate musical artists.
    Nuff said.

  15. choppernewt Says:

    I think that the band is called Fuck Buttons, although I suppose they might have a song called that, too. Like Talk Talk. If you’ve heard their work, you’re one up on me, as I’ve only heard about them, not from them.

  16. And we got stuck with Lizards From Afar…
    What were we thinking?

  17. Yeah, I think you’re right. The song I heard is called “bright tomorrow.”

    Check out that site. There’s a media player down on the right to play all the songs they are featuring.

  18. I just heard the Magnetic Fields, which Chops mentioned above but which I had no knowldge of. Hey, it’s pretty good stuff. So many good indie pop/rock/punk bands these days. Why turn on the radio ever again?

  19. choppernewt Says:

    I only listen to talk radio. WGN, specifically, as I am 1) old, 2) liberal, and 3) unable to stomach the local talk stations and their sub-WESN talent levels.

    I can’t listen to music radio, at all, ever.

  20. My favorite radio station up here is called THE FRESH.
    It’s a soft rock radio format with middle-aged women as the target demographic.

    THE FRESH…middle-aged women…what’s not to love?

  21. Here’s another indie music blog that has some good music:

    We can submit to them, but the guy wants three songs (not a problem), plus a good photo, and a bio. I can write up a biography, but we need a good photo–and that’s a problem.

  22. That IS a problem. I photograph really well, but you guys…well…

    What’s wrong with the pic of the 4 of us that you put together?

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