Clay Is Gay – Chopper Is Ecstatic

In news that took the entire world by surprise, Clay Aiken has announced publicly he is a homosexual. Now does “publicly” mean TMZ or Enquirer? No. Clay revealed the news in the hard-news magazine of record, People.

Why now? Well, Clay recently became a daddy…with a woman decades older than he. Fatherhood was the impetus Clay needed to come out. I personally don’t see what the two have in common. Being a parent is being a parent, gay or straight. What Clay does in his personal life behind closed doors is his business alone.

I guess what I am saying is, I don’t care. I don’t care that Clay is gay. The guy is a singer and performer. The only thing that I should care about is “Do I like that song?” and “Did I like that performance?”

The answer, believe it or not has been YES. Clay Aiken put out a pop album right after his time on Idol called Measure Of A Man and it was good. Yes it was pop. Yes it was bubblegum. But it was good. The songs were written and produced by industry heavyweights. They reflect that and Clay performs them well. I don’t think it’s everbody’s cup of tea (and rock people would most likely not even have an open mind about it), but those with a larger palate might just enjoy this well produced pop gem.

Now, he’s released some albums since then. Meh. Not as well produced, performed or conceived. IMO.

And that’s how I’ll judge this guy…by the work he does.

– Sir Pent

For the official story, click here:


28 Responses to “Clay Is Gay – Chopper Is Ecstatic”

  1. …and as a follow-up, I was taking the liberty of ASSUMING that Chopper would be ecstatic.

  2. I thought this was old news, I thought that people were talking about him being gay last year.

  3. Hey Karen…welcome to …and I posted because I just found out that the People article is with his officially coming out is hitting newsstands this week.

  4. choppernewt Says:

    I’d heard that rumor and I never hear ANYTHING, so it must have been pretty prevalent, and yeah, he’s just confirming what’s been suspected for quite a while. On the one hand, I’ve got to give the guy some credit. Given his fanbase, it’s not a slam dunk that they’re going to love this. On the other hand, it’s been a while since he was getting any attention, so this was also likely an easy way to get talked about again.

    And yes, Pent, I am always “ecstatic” when people become comfortable and self-confident enough to be true to themselves, even when it might have repercussions for them. I assume that’s what you meant.

    Also, 10-to-1 that the Gecko is going to red-card you for this.

  5. Facing possible mockery from Chopper, I’m going to admit that I have no idea who this Aiken character is. I gather from your post he’s a pop “star,” which I find hard to believe. With a name like that he sounds like a country singer. I suppose I could google him, but I’m not going to waste my time.

    I also gather from reading your post that he was on that American Idol show, which I have never seen. Thankfully.

    I considered red-carding this, that is true, but at least Metro didn’t add any pornographic tags, so I let it stand since someone else decided to comment. Much do I rue the day I gave him administrative privileges here, however. Perhaps I should demote him.

    Anyway, mainstream American culture is the pits. I can’t believe our decadent nation hasn’t yet been overthrown by more vigorous and virtuous barbarians, purely out of disgust with the pathetic nature of our public life.

  6. Yeah. They tried doing that a couple of years ago by flying some airplanes into buildings. You appear to live in an isolated bubble, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it…

  7. Now, that’s not funny. Having never heard of this Aiken character is forgivable, but mocking someone about 9/11 is not. I could say more, but I won’t. In fact, maybe you should remove that comment.

  8. Really? Honestly offended?
    My point was not to mock the attack (which of course was horrendous), but to use the ridiculous parody that you “possibly don’t know about the biggest news story in the history” to mock your seemingly never ending ignorance of popular culture.
    If yes, I will gladly take it down. It was not meant to offend…just to make fun of the Gecko.

  9. choppernewt Says:

    Far be it from me to mock someone for having the focus and luck to have not heard of Mr. Aiken. Good fortune has smiled upon you, sir.

    I get what Metor was going for. I can see both sides of that argument, so I’ll leave the resolution of that question to y’all.

    Finally – Virtuous Barbarians? Like, Conan or something? In summary… ?????????????

  10. choppernewt Says:

    I misspelled Metro, but I also kind of like Metor. Sounds like a virtuous barbarian name.

    “Bard, favor us with the tale of Metor and the dread Platinum Wombat. That one’s my fave-rave.”

  11. Ah, the barbarians are always more virtuous than the civilized, who are too decadent in their comfort to be virtuous. That’s the myth, of course. In reality, both barbarian and civilized are savage. And don’t get me started on the noble savage crap.

    But don’t mind me, I’m in a bad mood today, partly brought on by the repulsive nature of New York citizens. I’m walking down the green neighborhoods of Queens toward my campus and a guy in front of me just throws his trash down on the grass as if that’s where it belonged, with no thought at all about it, I’m sure. Then, as I arrived on campus, I saw a female student carrying a bottle of juice just drop it to the ground when she’d finished, not caring that there were garbage cans all around. Even worse, I saw another student, also female, spit on the floor INSIDE my building. Nasty creatures these humans. Made me consider that maybe we should be conquered by Muslim fanatics. Perhaps they’d clean the place up. But, of course, I’m sure they’d be just as repulsive as everyone else. Possibly, they’d eliminate all those ridiculous pop stars and tabloid queens, however. Maybe that would be worth having to pray to Allah five times a day.

  12. choppernewt Says:

    Yep, I’d say that’s a bad mood right there, and makes me afraid to think of what you’d be like if you were truly and royally pissed off.

    And a big hello to the FBI, who’s certainly tuned in by now. Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen!

  13. Dear Federal Authorities,
    Correct. We are not dangerous or malicious. We are merely stupid, stupid, pretend musicians.

    I also get ticked off at the litter-bugs. I recently witnessed a guy doing 55MPH down Roosevelt individually chuck his McDonalds bag, 3 drink cups, and finally the multi-cup holder right out the window. I was flabbergasted as I naively believed that people just didn’t do that anymore.
    I mean, I know there is garbage and litter along all major roads…but for some reason I always thought it was incidental or accidental. “Whoops, dropped my drink!” “Damn…did you see my napkin fly out the window?”
    I had just never seen anything so blatant.

  14. Makes one realize that most humans on this planet are too stupid to think. That’s probably why so many vote for simpering idiots who believe the world is only 6,000 years old and that Noah’s ark was real. Not that it takes much to realize this. It takes great stupidity to fuck up a planet; and our planet is royally fucked up.

    Yeah, you don’t want to see me really angry. My wife says I have “anger management problems,” usually after I’ve punched a hole in a wall or jumped up and down on my cell phone (a true story).

    In other news, I was too loaded down with work and baggage to drag my guitar cable and Toneport back to Ohio so I’m not recording anything until I get back to NYC. But I hope you guys can work on Mr. P, which I think has some potential. I’ll work on lyrics for the former JAG music. I had some ideas.

  15. I can’t wait now for MrP. I gotta tell ya, I’ve listened to your music demo about 30 times. I just really love it. It’s so damn catchy. Awesome. I can’t wait to hear what Chopper is gonna come up with. MY goal is to try and just not screw it up.

  16. Oh, well, there’s no hope of that… just kidding. I listened to it in the car today and I also liked the catchiness of it. Wanted to get up and dance. I think I should have done my little guitar solo on the bridge pickup instead of on both, however, since it’s a little too “sharp,” in that the high notes felt like they were piercing my eardrums.

  17. The song only has four chords, too. I’ve got four chords and the truth. That’s one more than Bono.

  18. Back from Wisconsin. I have taken tomorrow off from work, so I am going to see if I can squeeze some MrP drums in at some point. (Have LOTS of chores and errands to do, which is why I took the day off.)

    I think I have lyrics for JAG-DEMO…I need to be able to play it through a few times and type them out. It might not be what you are wanting…

  19. Possibly there won’t be any point to worrying about drums for Mr. P until we get some vocals and Chopper guitars so you can see how it all fits together. And at the glacial pace of Chopper’s LFA work, I don’t expect anything soon.

    I haven’t had time to work on anything else, including new lyrics for the former JAG music.

    I do have an idea for Gator’s Poster Child lyric, but I’m afraid it’s not what he has in mind, so I just couldn’t record it. He’ll have to give me some sort of demo, even if it’s over the telephone, before I commit any serious work time to developing the music.

  20. Once bitten twice shy?

  21. Indeed.

    Just write the damn lyrics and forget about the music, that’s all I have to say–unless you are going to record the melody yourself.

  22. As far as recording the drums for MrP…my intention is to stay pretty close to the loops as I think mostly what you put together there fits the song. They just need my special “flava”.

  23. Yeah, the loops worked for that song pretty well–far better than the JAG music, where I don’t really like the loops. I could program the drum machine to play exactly what I have in mind, I suppose, but then what would we need you for?

    Maybe you can give Mr. P a little bit of pizazz the loops lack.

    Any idea what the Newt is up to these days? Is he too busy being a radio star to waste time with us?

  24. Yeah, the JAG loops have a couple of weird spots.

    Haven’t heard from Chopper in about a week. I assume he is super busy with his career or he is avoiding us because he is not working on MrP and we are the equivalent of two little kids in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

  25. OK, sent out the lyric idea for the JAGDEMO music. It’s a little dark. Much darker than most of my usual material. Anyway, did anyone else come up with anything else?

  26. Who, you mean me? I had the nub of an idea, but your lyrics are great.

  27. We hadn’t heard anything from Chopper…so he MIGHT have had a genius idea for the music. There’s also Gator who’s also been known to put pen to paper.

  28. I put some quick vocals over the JAG DEMO music…which I am now going to start referring to as GO, FIGHT, WIN. (GFW)
    While my vocals are poorly done and poorly recorded, listening back I think they fit the music pretty well. I still say that maybe the third verse could be excised…but that’s completely up to you guys.
    Wattdya think?

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