Hang Down Your Bald Head – RIP

Yesterday was a sad, sad day.

In the world of music, Kingston Trio founder Nick Reynolds died at the age of 75. The Kingston Trio helped to inspire and usher in the folk movement of the 60s. They hit number 1 with Tom Dooley, which also earned a Grammy in 1958. Reynolds left the group in the late 60s and would rejoin them periodically over the following decades.
On a personal note, the Kingston Trio (& their comedic counter-parts, the Smothers Brothers) were staples in the Sir Pent household growing up. My father is a huge fan and shared the music with me. Their playful banter, beautiful harmonies and simple, catchy tunes will always be a big influence on me.

In the world of advertising, the original Mr. Clean House Peters Jr. died yesterday at the age of 92. While this guy was Mr. Clean long before my time (or the Mr. Cleans that I remember from TV), he was an American pop-culture icon. He will always be remembered along with the catchy jingle, “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean.”


5 Responses to “Hang Down Your Bald Head – RIP”

  1. I forgot to add that over the years, I think my father has given me the greatest hits of the Kingston Trio twice as gifts…once on tape, once on CD.

  2. choppernewt Says:

    This makes me want to watch “A Mighty Wind”. Is that disrespectful?

  3. No…but it makes you mighty gay.

  4. cuttlegordon Says:

    I’m with you, Pent.. my father goes straight through the Kingston Trio repertoire every time he picks up a guitar.
    As I type this, my parents are flying back to the States after visiting us here in Korea. He doesn’t know yet.
    sad. sad. sad.

  5. I’ve been following their visit via your facebook posts.
    I know Chopper was jesting…and I never personally followed the folk movement…but when I watched A MIGHTY WIND there were lots of moments that took me back to being a kid.

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