LFA Alert! 4H on Electrical Language #142

Wow, that is the headline is so close to being utter nonsense.

What it means is that our friend Gabor has once again included the Lizards in his fine unsigned music podcast, Electrical Languange.  In the episode posted today, you’ll hear our recent release “Four H And Fourteen”.

Gabor’s podcast is an excellent weekly listen, by the way, Lizards or no, and I certainly recommend that you give it a try.  I’ve got it on my aggregator each week, and I’ve discovered a lot of great music I’d have never otherwise heard… which is what it’s all about, right?

Thanks for the spin, Gabor!


31 Responses to “LFA Alert! 4H on Electrical Language #142”

  1. Yay! Thanks for getting our music on EL, Chopper!

    And hear the new LFA power pop song “Mr. Peabody” on Reverbnation.com. Or is it “Way Back?” I can’t keep this straight. We need a post about this….

  2. Look at Chopper, working the relationships! Gabor is a good guy and a good friend. He does play some good stuff, too…including us. I don’t drop by every week, but I do stop by and listen.

    I posted the new song as: Way Back (Mr. Peabody)
    so I guess it’s official. So I finally get to say “Suck it”!

  3. Gabor’s commentary on Newtski’s e-mail to him is hilarious. And do be careful about the ticks in the UK. They’re beastly.

  4. 10 SONGS A DAY!?!?!

  5. choppernewt Says:

    That was perhaps an exaggeration. But you do like that I mentioned you in the email, right?

    Gabor seems nonplussed by the nickname thing.

  6. Gabor is a bad-ass.

  7. I wonder if we’re now established enough for a wikipedia entry?

  8. I think someone else would have to submit it. I kinda burned my bridge there.

  9. Just because I’m still annoyed that WordPress won’t allow us to embed Reverbnation widgets on this blog, I did use the code they have available to put the hi-fi version of Four H on the front page. I don’t want to discourage people from going to RN, however, so just this one song–and we can’t trust the uploader to last anyway.

    Which also reminds me, I think we shouldn’t trust the security on that uploader, either. Perhaps we should erase all the flac files there after we’ve shared them.

  10. Over lunch I submitted our info to 3 blog sites that review indie music and do podcasts.
    Just an FYI more than anything.

    Tryin’ to keep the old ball rollin’.

  11. This just in from the myspace page:

    Ourobouros Podcast wants to be your friend!
    I heard you on Electrical Language and will be playing ‘Four H and 14’ on a future episode of my podcast.

    I approved his request and am moving him to a top friend position.

  12. This just in from myspace:

    something Chopper asked me to take down…it’s a secret.

    I’ll keep ya posted on if they get back to us.

  13. choppernewt Says:

    Oh, Matt, don’t even fucking ask. What a douchbag you are, Metro. I love you nonetheless.

  14. Your instructions on how to proceed were unspecific…

  15. OK, I’ll just ignore all the cryptic weirdness that comes from he Metrognome.

    I’ve really been meaning to send the new song to Insomniaradio, but there seems to be no time to write anything–I’d like to give them a new “narrative” about us and a new picture. Same with obscuresound. I’ll do it Sunday night, promise. Maybe Monday.

  16. The message was about a…shhhhhhhhhh, another podcast that might be playing us…shhhhhhhhhh, keep it under your hat.

  17. choppernewt Says:

    I put up the map. I’m glad it’s showing something now, if it stayed blank another day or two I was going to take it down.

    Saying that another podcast is looking at playing us is great. Posting the form letter-email they sent like we’re peeing our pants with excitement over the prospect is embarassing. It’s a fine line, see?

  18. I see quite well. Is there any prospect Pent-up-boy will stop behaving like himself any time soon?

    Down to the Lower East Side today to visit a poet friend at a pub called KGB, a place filled with Soviet memorabilia. Cool, huh? Were I Pent, I’d write some lyrics about it, I’m sure.

  19. Indeed, I’m censoring the earlier two comments (Metro’s and Chopper’s response). And after everyone has read this one, it will go, too.

  20. I guess that I just have a different opinion.
    I am for posting just about everything. For those reading, I always think it would be interesting to hear the good AND the bad. To follow us on our “journey”. That’s the kind of stuff I love reading on other artist blogs.

    Trying to keep my sarcasm to a minimum…if the only thing we’re “allowed” to post is hard news, then that is all I will post and comment with.
    …and by “allowed” I mean that, in the future, I will only post the kind of things the collective agrees should be posted. If I ever question the appropriateness…I will not post.

    Also confused,

  21. Ha! I just enjoy playing the petty dictator and censoring people–and Chopski gave me an easy justification to do it! I’d make a miserable enlightened despot, I would. I’d censor everyone just because I could.

    Seriously, though, that guy was rude and he took pleasure in making you look stupid. I don’t think you ought to go making that public. The internet is not a “safe” place for talking about yourself and we are probably far too cavalier about what we put here. I’ve often thought we should drastically reduce what we put in the blog posts and keep most of the band discussion to ourselves in “private” e-mail, at the very least. Or we could create a private blog for band issues and only post news on the public blog.

    Anyone in favor of that? It would be very easy to do.

  22. You guys shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to reign me in. This is a “group” thing and I should try and figure out how the rest of the group would act in a situation. However, that has never been my strong suit.

    To that end…I am going to radically reduce the amount of posting that I do. I’M NOT QUITTING OR ANYTHING. I’m just going to be a “responder”. Like an obedient child, I will speak when spoken to because the less I am posting, the less I am ticking you guys off.

    And as Matt has said on numerous occasions, he regrets the day he ever gave me admin control. He’s probably right.

  23. choppernewt Says:

    You’re being sarcastic.

    I don’t care if we post our squabbles and whatnot. I’m more concerned that anyone who emails us may not know that they’re subject to us putting their email up as a public comment. Especially if they’re a dick like that guy was.

  24. Na, you’ll tick me off no matter how little you say.

    Do I have to say I’m kidding? Seems to take away the blackness of the humor.

  25. choppernewt Says:

    Metro’s sensibilities are very “womanly”, in the chauvinistic sense of being easily offended and prone to anger over what one might consider slight criticisms.

    He is also “womanly” in his propensity to enjoy sex with dudes.

  26. Well, he can get his womanly self over to his inbox and listen to the demo of Poster Child I just sent there. And he can scream like a little girl at the unbelievable coolness of it.

    You, too, Chopski.

  27. NOTE: the cluster map on the front page got me to thinking…maybe we should be more global. To start this I found about 5/6 rock (not metal) or indie or indie-pop podcasts in Germany and submitted.

    KISS is fairly popular in Germany…but they cannot use their famous logo because of the lightning bolt SS portion apparently leaves the German people feeling a little squeemish.

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