Radio Orphans Podcast featuring WAY BACK (MR. PEABODY)

The train keeps a rollin’ for the Lizards From Afar. Today the Radio Orphans Podcast featured our latest release Way Back (Mr. Peabody). This song…like our others…seems to have a life of its own and keeps getting more and more plays.

Go ahead and check out the podcast, because the music they play is pretty sweet:

And let us know what you think!
Sir Pent


50 Responses to “Radio Orphans Podcast featuring WAY BACK (MR. PEABODY)”

  1. I just finished listening to the podcast. A real eclectic mix of tunes, but all cool.
    They talk about us at the end, saying some really complimentary stuff about us and our song.

  2. choppernewt Says:

    I love Minnesota. Except for the Vikings and Soul Asylum, and that dude who was the governor. And the big mall, not so hot on that. Also the cold. The rest is aces.

  3. Haven’t had time to listen yet, but will soon. Is there any more good news from our manager/percussionist/lyricist Sir Pent?

  4. Frustrated Incorporated?

  5. I had some cool news…but I don’t want to pee my pants prematurely.

  6. Did you know that the HOME THEATER FORUM accounts for 4% of our activity?
    Are we even on a home theater forum?

  7. Did you know that the HOME THEATER FORUM accounts for 4% of our activity?
    Are we even on a home theater forum?

  8. I listened to the podcast. There are some good songs there, particularly ours, of course.

    Perhaps we should form our own music production company: Serpentine Records, or something. Why? No reason, really.

  9. Forgot to mention: My brother-in-law has an American made Fender bullet bass from the early 1980s that is just sitting unused in his closet at his childhood home. I don’t even know if he remembers he has it. It’s a nice looking bass, too. I’m damned tempted to steal it, or at least borrow it for an extended period….

  10. Dude…take that thing! If he asks for it back, then you give it back.

  11. choppernewt Says:

    There is a link to RN with small banner in my sig for all my posts on home theater forum.

    Metro is right. Take the bass. If he asks for it back, feign ignorance.

  12. Has anyone responded on that forum about us or asked you about us?

  13. I might take it, but we aren’t on great terms, really. In fact, I think it’s possible he despises me.

    Plus I have to get it out of the house with the permission of my in-laws…. or without their knowledge.

  14. Despises? So you were in a band with him too?

  15. Very funny.

    Couldn’t get the bass, so I can’t displace Chopper as our low-end man. Oh, well. I don’t really care much about playing bass, but I’d like to get that particular instrument. It plays very well, just needs new strings. The neck is beautiful, and the color (cream) is classic.

  16. When I was just out of college and right as Freep was getting started, I nearly bought Jerry a bass guitar that was at a pawn shop for $80. I had NO idea what kind or how old it was…but it was enormous and looked really cool.
    Alas…I was too poor at the time to be buying someone else a musical instrument.

  17. I’m too poor right now to buy myself a musical instrument!

    I researched the bass after I found it in a closet. It’s an early 1980s bullet deluxe bass, the very first line of “bullets” built as low-end guitars and basses to compete with the cheap Japanese knock-offs, but before 1985 the bullets were actually built in the United States of top materials (alder and maple), at the actual Fender factory in CA. So they are real, honest-to-the-godz Fenders. This particular bass, which sold in the 1980s for about $199, is now worth about $600-700. After 1985, Fender began making these guitars in Japan, and later Indonesia, under the name “Squier by Fender,” and of course they have suffered in quality as a result. My Squier telecaster is a pretty cool instrument, but neither the neck nor the body can compete with that bass.

    So, the lesson is never get rid of a musical instrument, especially one made of wood. In a few decades it will be worth more than what you bought it for.

  18. I’m very poor right now too. It should all be good at the end of the year…but right now, this month, things are very tight.

  19. We can’t all be successful radio stars like Chopper.

    In other news, did I mention we’re going to be on again this Wednesday? Our fan there, Stuart, loves Way Back. I wrote up a little blurb and sent the Bloomington Democracy cover.

  20. Did I tell you that one of the 30-ish podcasts I sent our stuff too emailed me back and said our songs were “a little too weird” for his show, since he does more “mainstream indie music”?
    I was going to write him back to ask “WHAAA?!?!”…but decided that we’re obviously not going to be on EVERY podcast, so why try to debate the guy.

    I believe it was this guy –

  21. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while.

  22. And you know ME…so that’s saying a lot!

    I didn’t get it. What is “mainstream indie music”? Sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. Also, if you look at the music he’s playing…some of it is NOT indie music, it’s actual real mainstream music…sometimes OLD mainstream music.

    Anyway, his loss.

  23. Well, we’re on Insomniaradio this Wednesday….

  24. And we’re going to be on the Bugcast sometime in the coming week I think. I am supposed to record an “intro” for him.

    We didn’t make the Ouroborous cast this weekend, but from reading his site it looks like he “produces” a couple of weeks ahead of his actual podcast releases…so that could be a couple of weeks away.

  25. Will you let us vet the intro before you send it?

    Goddamn, I’m killing myself trying to write up a “statement of teaching philosophy” to go with job applications (many universities are now requesting these). Sure I have a teaching philosophy, but trying to come up with a systematic statement of it is taxing my poor brain.

  26. Nope.
    Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything stupid…or am I?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I have employee reviews to write this month. Sometimes it can get pretty hard to come up with new ways to say “good work” over and over again.

  27. choppernewt Says:

    Exceeds expectations.
    Contributes positively to team/enterprise goals.
    Asset to the work environment.
    Performs assigned duties and takes on additional projects as needed.

  28. Well, I wrote it, and it exceeds expectations. Maybe this will get me a better job (or at least one within 100 miles of my family).

    I also came up with new music to JAG. That accordion thing got me thinking and now I have it. It’s good. When will I record it? No idea. I guess I’m just not contributing positively to team/enterprise goals.

  29. Things Chopper never hears in a review?
    (I thought we were playing $10,000 Pyramid.)

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Never underestimate the power of a toy accordion.

  30. Goddamn bad news this eve puts me in a blue funk: the press to which I sent my manuscript isn’t going to pursue it further because the reports call for mucho revision. I have to revise for another fucking year or so and then resubmit (I say a year or so because I don’t have the time or energy to do intensive revisions in a few months). So, in a fit of general melancholia, I’m going to record some music for JAG.

    Damn, but I got into the wrong field. I’m a good enough historian when I put my mind to it, but I have more energy for playing music than writing history. Maybe I’ll go back to school and get a degree in music. Yeah, that would certainly improve my chances of finding a good job, wouldn’t it?

  31. I did work like a dog this morn, but then spent the midday putting together the music for JAG. Boy, I like it. It’s in your in-boxes. Have at ye!

  32. I like it. Very much.

  33. choppernewt Says:

    Yes, this is good stuff. I like the accordion.

  34. Great! But it’s too good to allow Metro anywhere near the vocals. Sing it before he can, Chopper!

  35. I retract even the mere thought of me ever even having possibly considered it.

  36. choppernewt Says:

    Wow. Seems like this has all happened before, somehow…

  37. Damn straight. You’re lucky we even allow you near the drums.

  38. You guys call the shots.

  39. Come on, Metro, we have to maintain solidarity in our vocal incompetence. I tried singing Poster Child and it sounded so damned bad I decided Chops could figure out the vocal melody on his own, because my track wasn’t going to help him much.

    Anyway, I’m going to be on musical hiatus for a little while, but you guys have I think three songs to work on, at least potentially. I look forward to hearing the results.

    In other news, I downloaded a new, and much better working stereo image expander last eve. Do you have one of those, Chopper? I forget if I asked before, but it sure makes the overall sound of the music much “bigger” and “wider.” I also found a stereo placement imager, or something like that. It allows one actually to position a particular sound or instrument in the stereo field, that is higher, lower, back, forward, right, left. Pretty damned cool. Of course, I still don’t understand the art of mixing music. Each instrument can sound great, but then the whole mix sounds crappy.

  40. Understood.

    Is there an order in which the two of you would like for us to work on the three songs?

  41. Oh, shut the hell up.

  42. I declare a five-day moratorium (for myself) on the mocking of the Metrognome. Clearly it has gotten out of hand and he can’t take it anymore. The poor little bugger.

    Anyway, hey, I’ll be in Bloomington on Saturday! No, don’t get too excited: I’ll be in the one in Indiana for a symposium. This weekend is also the famous bike race, which I hope I can catch part of. All things considered, however, I’d rather come to the Illinois Bloomington with my guitar so we could jam in person. We’ll have to see if we can’t work that out one day.

  43. I should have upwards of 2 un-interrupted hours tomorrow morning.
    I need to know which song you guys want me to record drums for…as 1 is pretty much all I am going to be able to fit before Throater Newt and the Bullpucky show up.

  44. choppernewt Says:

    Surprise me.

  45. The offer is off the table.
    The wife surprised me this morning by letting me know that, since I have the day off from work she made NO plans for babysitter today.
    She’s going to a clinic in the morning and SHOULD be home around noon.

    So, instead of recording some drums I will be babysitting instead.

  46. “Too weird” for “mainstream indie music”?

    i can see that.. though “weird” is the wrong word.. playful, maybe? good-humored?

    have you tried

  47. Playful…definitely maybe.

    Good-humored? You haven’t met Matt, have you?

    I have not tried …but will look into it. Thanks for the tip.

  48. I’m good humored enough, except when Metro plays his drums to my carefully crafted music.

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