Sir Pent and the LFA masterpiece Giant Robot on The Bugcast

For the first time, Giant Robot has been played on a podcast. While following a link about…well, us…I stumbled upon a list of podcasts that play indie music. On that list was a little something called The Bugcast. It was too good of a name to pass up.

I sent lovebug our info and (no surprise?) he emailed back. He said he’d be happy to play our stuff…but which one. I suggested Giant Robot. It’s a song a think we all feel very strongly about and have received a lot of positive feedback on. Oddly, of all the podcasts we’ve been featured on, Giant Robot has never been used.

I offered up the option for a recorded intro to the song. Big mistake…he took me up on it. I recorded it and sent it off. I sound like I have a brutal headcold…and that has nothing to do with this recording. I sound like that all the time and hence should NEVER be recording my voice.

So go over and check out The Bugcast:

You’ll hear not only the “broadcast premiere” of Giant Robot, but my debut as well…and hopefully my finale.

You can also find out more about The Bugcast at:

Sir Pent


18 Responses to “Sir Pent and the LFA masterpiece Giant Robot on The Bugcast”

  1. I really, really do hate the sound of my voice. From now on, one of you other guys MUST do these kind of things.

  2. Also, first week of Steely Dan Fake Fact posted on front page.

  3. Na. It’s always that way. For some reason, the acoustics inside your head don’t correspond to the outside world. The intro sounds pretty good! My wife even said you have a nice voice. I mean, not as good as mine, but that goes without saying.

  4. Ugghh. I just hate it.
    I tried to disguise it by putting that repetitive snippet of Giant Robot in the background. It didn’t help.
    I didn’t hesitate to send it to everyone I know, though…because my need to self promote far outweighs the hatred of my own voice.

    The things I will do to get our music heard…

  5. choppernewt Says:

    You did a fine job, it sounds awesome and I like what you said.

    And thanks to lovebug for playing the song. Metro is right, that’s a good song and I’m glad some more people will get to hear it.

    Even Ricky DeGrimes asked to hear a couple LFA tracks a second time on the ride home from Chicago (sorry, Berwyn), this one and Clipboard.

    On another subject – Hawthorne was depressing. I had a great time, but I was disturbed by the number of people there with their young kids. On a school day. At a gambling facility. Kind of icky.

    Also, there were totally mobsters. Dic and I discussed it on the way home, and we’re completely convinced that the people at the table one level up from us were connected. I sat in fear that Metro was going to do something to get us whacked.

  6. Just needlessly to add praise: I think that little USB condenser mic also provides some pretty good sound. Makes me think again I should invest in a low-cost condenser of my own.

  7. Actually, I recorded the promos just using the built in Mac laptop mic. (Was too lazy to go into the basement.)

    Hawthorne was an enjoyable day…until the creepy trip downstairs. Ewww.
    I don’t think those were mobsters. I checked them out on a few of my several trips to burn a mule…they’re just regulars.

  8. choppernewt Says:

    Chicagoland. Gambling. Mobsters.

  9. Nope. I know mobsters…those my friend, were no mobsters.

  10. Holy Guacamole.
    The cluster map on the front page has really gone up in the past day.
    Thank you bugcast!!

  11. Weird…Cluster Map recognized a hit from South America but nothing from the hit tracker on wordpress, and the hit tracker on wordpress shows a hit from Aussiepodcast (Australia) but nothing on the Cluster Map.

    Could cluster mapping be a day behind?

  12. choppernewt Says:

    Map is slow. However, hit came from a link on the Aussie podcast, not necessarily from Australia. Could have been anywhere.

    Stats are gimpy.

  13. Well, I’m done with submitting to podcasts for a few weeks. Basically, just about everyone that responded so far has pretty much said they WOULD play us…but also that they are a couple of weeks ahead.

    I want to start looking into Japan because that could be a great market for GR, MrP and JAG.

  14. OK…I lied. I submitted to a few podcasts out of Spain and, after an exhaustive search, a couple in France. (LOTS of techno podcasts in France…)

  15. You know those French. If anybody knows how NOT to rock, it’s the French.

  16. Well…the French DID have one about something called EXTREME METAL, but I figured there was nothing extreme or metal about us so I just moved on.

    South America and Australia…LOTS of podcasts about “technology”. (computers, home entertainment systems, phones, etc.) I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I thought that was interesting.

  17. le metal extreme, c’est tres vite, tres dur, et pas tres cool.

  18. No. It really isn’t any of those things.

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