Pour Some Liquor Out For Dolemite

Sir Pent and I, along with Rick DeGrimes and my then-girlfriend/now-wife, used to enjoy “bad movie nights” at least once a week back in the old days.  Some of the best nights happened when we were able to come up with something from the oeuvre of Mr. Rudy Ray Moore.

We were greeted today with news of Rudy Ray’s passing, and the LFA offers our condolences and respects to his family and friends – he brought us a lot of entertainment.  Sometimes the “bad” movies are the best ones.

The Onion AV Club offers an appropriate memorialization here.


31 Responses to “Pour Some Liquor Out For Dolemite”

  1. My uncle used to watch all those movies. This guy was in some of the most outrageous fight scenes in movie history. He will live on forever in those films and the music he inspired.

  2. His movies may not have been Oscar worthy…but he gets a lifetime achievement award from my heart!
    Rudy…you will be missed.

    Even though Matty and I are currently disagreeing on the drum part I recorded for JUST A GIRL, I am absolutely in love with this song.
    I have played “my mixdown” several times and just want to say that Matt really captured the off-beat, light-hearted…quirky nature of the lyrics.

    My hat
    is off
    to Matt

  4. Yeah, I am fucking brilliant. You are less so. Get those stupid noises out of the drum track and I’ll respect you a little bit.

    After I finish applying for half a dozen more academic jobs, grade student work, and do some reading for my upcoming manuscript revisions, I’m going to do some new music for us. And it’s going to be Gator’s new lyric. In fact, perhaps I’ll only work on Gator’s lyrics until you bend to my will and get rid of those pointless noises.

  5. The file is corrupt. Can’t edit. I guess we’ll just have to use them as is.
    Ah well…

    I thought you had music for Gator’s new lyric? I really liked quite a bit…not as much as MY song, but still very cool. I think it’s needed as well just to have another flat out “rocker” for the BLOOMINGTON DEMOCRACY.

  6. I do, and you’ve heard it, if you’re talking about Poster Child. But he has a new lyric called Block Party which is pretty good.

    If you recall, I also have a complete drum file for Poster Child, and I’ve even replaced the drum sounds with samples of your drums (at least the snare)–so you see how much we need you, me boyo! I can always program a drum track for JAG and cut you out altogether.

  7. I forgot about Block Party. I really liked those lyrics. Bizarre.

    I did hear the drum for Poster Child…close, but no cigar…

  8. No cigar… as in they are in time so they don’t sound like you? Ha ha.

    And speaking of timing, I hate to say it, but the weird sounds you played in the JAG drums definitely screw up your timing, too… so I guess you’ll just have to rerecord!

    Did I ever give you the bpm for the JAG and PC so you can set your metronome? If not, they are 180 and 140 respectively.

    On another subject, I tried using Odeo.com to put a music player on the front page of the blog. The odeo widget works on wordpress, and odeo aggregates podcasts, such as insomniaradio. Nevertheless, I couldn’t figure out how to make it actually play any of our songs. Oh well.

  9. While I was watching House tonight I submitted to podcast in Africa and Asia. Have already had a few replies…but one out of Japan asked for some specific music, so I forwarded the request to you guys.
    It’s up to you.

    …and as far as the weird boingy sound in JAG, if Chopper says take out I will go with the majority. As I said, I like it but if the vote is 2-1, I will relent. (I will replace it with an FX I have that sounds like a dog barking…but drums.)

  10. I can’t for the life of me see what there is to like about your sound effects. It’s like saying “I really enjoy stepping barefoot into a big, squishy pile of dog turd.” I’m sure you have better ideas for making your percussion interesting than putting boingy sounds in them.

  11. Gee, with poetry like that, you should really be writing the lyrics for our songs…

  12. That’s why we keep you around.

  13. choppernewt Says:

    That, and your willingness to, you know, do certain, you know, “things”.

  14. Annoy and irritate Matt?

  15. That certainly isn’t why we keep you around.

    BTW, Block Party music is in everyone’s inbox. It needs a few guitar tweaks, but otherwise I’m really into this. Gator’s lyrics are superb and the music came to me like fire from heaven, like Gabriel speaking to Muhammad. Sort of. OK, I won’t say that it’s super original–as the surging alternations of major A and D are very U2–but there’s also a bluesy element that they don’t have at all.

    I also just realized that Poster Child is in A major like this new song. And Four H is in A minor. When it comes to Gator’s lyrics, I seem to be caught in the key of A. Interesting.

  16. choppernewt Says:

    Really, I find D Minor to be the saddest of all keys.

  17. That’s true. Your live rendition of Going to California made a rare appearance on my iPod this morn and I love the transition in that song from D major to D minor.

  18. When can we write a song in B sharp?

    Maybe when I finish my new lyrics for DOG TURD (SQUISHY PILE), maybe that could be in B sharp?

  19. I think it will be in D flat, for flat Dog turd.

    But you can put it in any key you want since I’m doing none of your songs until you give up with the cartoon percussion noises!

  20. My wife tried that with sex once. She was surprised at how long I was satisfied “making my own music”…

  21. Well, you can record anything you want on the Sir Pent Solo Album: one track after another of farting noises, dog noises, and boingy noises. And don’t forget burping noises.

  22. Would you be the producer for my solo album? What should we call it?

  23. That’s OK…I hear Mutt Lange isn’t busy at the moment.

  24. choppernewt Says:

    Mutt Lange is ALWAYS busy. Shania needs a lot of attention, from what I hear. And there’s lots of shopping. Also, he has to do the housework – it was part of the pre-nup.

  25. Dude…they divorced last year!
    (I believe the rumor was that Mutt was banging the domestic help…but the official reason was irreconcilable differences.)

  26. choppernewt Says:

    That Mutt. As they said on Seinfeld, nothing says “class” like diddling the maid.

    That might confirm my long-held suspicion that Shania thinks touching and stuff is icky. She is, in my opinion, the most unconvincing singer of love songs ever. I am always left with the belief that given the choice, she would not have physical contact with any person, ever, for any reason, and would prefer to maybe live in some sort of hermitically sealed bubble or terrarium. Poor Mutt.

  27. 1) I can agree. She can supposedly sing…but I hear little evidence of that on her songs. (If you see video of her before she became famous, she was like a cheesy cabaret singer…belting out big, crappy ballads.)

    2) Given the choice, she would not have physical contact with any person. However, if I were given the choice, I would touch her.

  28. choppernewt Says:

    As I understand it, if you want to touch her, you are directed to “ask”. Certainly, though, you should be prepared for the inevitable “Hell no” response, and also perhaps to be assaulted by bodyguards.

    I like my two free-promo Shania CD’s. It’s like Def Leppard, except with a chick. And fiddles instead of guitars. And fraudelence instead of emotion. Great for parties.

  29. I gather you guys are talking about Shania Twain. I think I heard one of her songs once, by accident, although I can’t recall anything about the lyrics or melody. I believe, in fact, it was a music video I stumbled across, and I thought to myself “This chick is cute,” so I turned off the volume.

  30. I’ve enjoyed a couple of Shania albums. They are some of the most exquisitely produced piffle ever created.

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