Gator has indicated that he may have found the orignal reel-to-reel mixdown of How Old Is Your Sister in, uh, a box in his basement or something.

If true, this would open the door to a possible definitive digital master from the original mixdowns.  Sadly, we wouldn’t be able to fix things that have always bugged us – we don’t think these are the original 8-tracks – but at the very least, we’d be able to go to a much higher quality source than the cassettes, which have been the source for all digital versions of the LFA debut to date.

Anyway, people seem to get pissed off when bands mess with the old stuff too much, so maybe that’s for the best.

Stay tuned for details, o fans of the olden days…



  1. Can we colorize the cover, ala Ted Turner?

  2. Now that’s a good idea!

  3. choppernewt Says:

    Beck kind of worked that ground with the recent reissue of “Odelay”. But I guess if there was any sort of physical media release a cover update would be appropriate.

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