Lizards From Afar on the Ed’s Mixed Bag Podcast

Today we got a play on the Ed’s Mixed Bag Podcast. Ed does a truly eclectic mix of songs, spoken word, comedy and humor. We get the additional honor of being on his extra-special Halloween episode. So there are some interesting tracks on there, to say the least. They are all of the highest quality, though…including our hit single WAY BACK (MR. PEADBODY). Ed mistakenly refers to the song was just WAY BACK…but that’s OK, we forgive ED.

So we want everybody to jump over to Ed’s Mixed Bag and give it a listen:

Or check out his myspace page:

Thanks Ed.
Sir Pent


14 Responses to “Lizards From Afar on the Ed’s Mixed Bag Podcast”

  1. This show is a hair’s breath away from being like a Dr. Demento kind of show. It definitely features unusual stuff…but that’s OK. I think WAY BACK (MR. PEABODY) is kinda flexible enough to fit into this format.

  2. haven’t listened to it, as I now have errands to run.

    But what has happened to our blog header? It seems to be gone! Did one of you guys take it down? I received no message about this. Strange.

  3. It’s still there on mine. I haven’t changed anything.

  4. Oh…as a note, I read that there is a new version of WordPress coming out soon. Also, I was on a site that was listed as a WordPress site that seemd much more WEBSITE-ESQUE than this.
    1) Are there different levels of service that you can get from WordPress?

    2) Maybe with the upgrade that is coming there will be more configuration opportunities?

  5. I just checked the dashboard and it doesn’t show up for me. Strange. Well, maybe I just screwed up, but I replaced it with one I had on my flashdrive, the old one, slightly modified (with the croobie font). Oh, well.

  6. You can use to download wordpress blogware and have great power to configure it as you will (that is what Ivan does), but you have to have a place to host your blog, and you have to do a lot more work to maintain it. makes it all very simple, but is far less powerful or customizable. This is what I understand, anyway.

  7. Maybe our pal Ivan could take a look at it when his schedule loosens up.

    I like having the old banner up. It’s very clean and, since we decided that Croobie was our font of choice, it matches our “corporate identity”.

  8. That’s not likely to happen.

    And we have no corporate identity, since we’re not a corporation. Thankfully.

  9. OK…it’s our brand identification. According to our style manual (which I believe you and Chopper made me jump through hoops to get Croobie on the tshirts), LFA should always be presented in croobie.

  10. Not sure what to think of this Ourobouros podcast guy. He contact ME and said he was going to give 4H a spin…but that was nearly 4 weeks ago.
    Should I bug him about it?

  11. No, forget it. That’s number #23 in the LFA style manual: “Don’t bug podcasters to play our music.”

  12. We’re on some kind of foreign website that I cannot read…but we appear to be rated somehow and we’re doing better than Johnny Cash and David Bowie.
    (scroll down to find us…)

  13. It’s Turkish, I assume. It’s also associated with Ivan, somehow!

  14. Is Ivan secretly Turkish?

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