I haven’t posted anything here in a while, so I thought I would announce a new song we hope to release by the end of the weekend. Yesterday Gator stumbled across the story of British license plate 202330, which belongs on an Audi sports coupe that has apparently been tearing it up (i.e., speeding) on the A9 in Bavaria. The fuzz can’t get a lock on the driver, however, because the car is British, thus the steering wheel is on the right, and the German traffic cameras are all set up to take photos on the left. Furthermore, the speedy prankster has put a big stuffed Muppet in the seat beside him, which is the only thing visible in photos:


Realizing the potential for an anarchic anthem, Gator pronounced the driver of 202330 a new folk hero, and wrote a song in 15 minutes flat–with the intention to realize it by Friday. We have accepted the challenge, although sometime in the very early morning Saturday is more likely…. At any rate, I composed and recorded the guitars and sound effects in an unstoppable frenzy of punk power chords, vintage tremolo effects, police sirens, and German monologue, all of which is now in the hands of Pent-boy and Chopski, who must add vocals, bass, and drums. Don’t fail us men!

Of course, what I can’t figure out is why the police can’t just send a ticket to the address of whoever has registered that plate number. The whole thing stinks of a hoax! But let’s not ruin the fun, ok? — the Gecko

Desperately avoiding work, I also created a B-side CD cover for this tune:


9 Responses to “202330”

  1. I’d grown a little bored submitting music to podcasts…so I submitted our info to several sites that review and list indie bands.

  2. Just go play drums! Play, boy, play! Burst your heart’s hot shell upon them!

  3. Maybe tonight…

  4. As if it were a mortar, I should add (paraphrasing Moby Dick).

  5. There’s a bitter wind in Tanganyika, I reply to your quote (paraphrasing Moby Grape)

  6. Ha!

    Funny that I actually took this 2023300 story as reality, until about halfway through writing this post I realized the whole thing was a fake. I wonder what the point is? To see how far a silly lie can spread, like some sort of virus?

    Anyway, it makes for a cool song idea. I can’t wait to hear the rest of your work added to this. And Chopper, somehow you have to get the bass more up front. In my demo I totally drove it into the background by accident, but it sounded bad anyway. Has to be rerecorded on a real bass!

  7. I kinda assumed it was some kind of lark. To me the picture looked really doctored. Also, if they had the license plate…why didn’t they just go track the person down. (Unless it was a fake, which they do not mention in the article.)

    I agree, though. Still funny. Let’s not tell anyone and pretend that it IS real.

  8. What do you mean, it’s a hoax? I won’t hear of it!

  9. What was MEANT to be said was that there was talk of this being a hoax, but THAT talk was the true hoax.

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