Just A Girl on Inside My Head podcast

WOW! This one was fast. I sent Jen over at Inside My Head a myspace friends invite a few days ago, right after we had just released Just A Girl. She quickly accepted. (Apparently it was a new myspace account and we were the first to find her.) She really liked the new song and said she would be giving it a spin on an upcoming cast. Three days later and here we are.

In My Head, episode 71. Lots of fun stuff and a little music to boot.
Check it out here:


Find her on myspace and friend her up here:


Thanks Jen for giving us a shot. You’re the tops in our book.

Sir Pent
(4th wheel extraordinaire)

5 Responses to “Just A Girl on Inside My Head podcast”

  1. …and Jen, good luck with the job hunt!!

  2. Hey, I like her sense of humor! Thanks for playing our music, Jen, and thanks once again to the Pent for promoting us so relentlessly.

  3. At least I’m good for something…

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  5. Jen is taking part in this crazy podcast per day thing too. (I think it’s called NaPodNoMo…but I have no idea what that means.) In this one she doesn’t spin any of our songs, but she DOES read this blog entry and some replies.

    [note to self: watch what you write, people may actually read these someday…]

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