Just A Girl on Dark Compass podcast 338

I got a pleasant email this morning from our new friend and hero over in the UK…Rowley of the Dark Compass podcast. Dark Compass often plays an ecclectic blend of tunes which I am all in favor of. As is the way this week, it is the Halloween episode but we are not presented as part of the Halloween portion. I must admit that I played over and over where he referred to our music as “great, great, great”.

A funny side note for the guys; in this podcast is a link to a certain article about a German speedster. Rowley proceeds to discuss the humorous lawbreaker for a while on the podcast. Maybe we could get a follow up if we DO complete soon…

Check out the Dark Compass podcast here:


Check out Dark Compass’s myspace here:


A big thanks to Rowley!

Sir Pent


6 Responses to “Just A Girl on Dark Compass podcast 338”

  1. I listened to the podcast. I don’t know if you guys will like it, but I really dug the band WOMB.

  2. I’m listening to it now, sort of, while I perform various chores. The first song is, er, well, there….

    It’s cool enough stuff, like NIN, for sure.

    I like WOMB, too, but that’s at least partially because I have a soft spot in my heart for Goth chicks…

  3. Hey, what he says about us is quite nice! I posted it on the RN site.

  4. If we can get the 202 song done, Rowley says he’ll put us on next week’s show.

  5. It occurs to me that we need to compose a band “resume” listing all the sites that have aired us, along with any positive comments. If we can demonstrate the development of a real following, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that an indie record company might want to sign us and distribute our music…. Vampire Weekend did it–and they just gave away their music on Myspace. Now they’re signed with… I forget the company’s name now: the same company that produces Radiohead, I think.

  6. I was thinking that we should make a new page that lists the casts we’ve been on: name, date, song, comments.

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