4H and Fourteen on Ourobouros Podcast #77

Today the Lizards From Afar song 4H and Fourteen was featured on the Ourobouros podcast. The specific episode is #77 – And So It Begins. Ourobouros is hosted by Colin, from Bath in the UK. The Ouroborous podcast focuses on indie music from around the world. Believe it or not, Colin actually contacted US after hearing the track on the Electrical Language podcast.

Listening to the podcast, I am blown away. Colin makes some nice comments about not only about this song, but our other material as well. He even points out that we are getting lots of plays on lots of podcasts. The other thing that jumps out at me on this particular podcast is the quality of the other music. We’re really in good company, which makes me feel good about the music we’re creating.

Click the first link to go to Ourobouros’s site or the second link to go directly to the podcast featuring us:

Ourobouros Podcast #77 – And So It Begins

Or check out his myspace page:


Thanks Colin,
Sir Pent


4 Responses to “4H and Fourteen on Ourobouros Podcast #77”

  1. Colin has taken up a challenge for the month of November to produce a podcast per day. Good luck!

  2. Yeah! And thanks again to our drummer/lyricist/manager Sir Pent who is getting us all this play.

  3. All part of my master plan to eventually get us swarmed with teenage groupies. Groupies hungry for our peculiar style of love-making.

  4. Loving on Colin’s Podcast. Getting to actually encounter another football fan is a huge plus these days : )

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