Giant Robot on Random Signal podcast#79

I guess Halloween must be our lucky weekend!

This weekend we are also getting a spin on the Random Signal podcast. Random Signal is hosted this week by a solo Jason Adams. This time it’s our tune Giant Robot. Also, since it was released on 10/31 it is the Halloween episode. So we are in alongside many songs about zombies…which I never knew there were so many songs about zombies. (BTW-how is it that I haven’t written a song about zombies yet?) Anyway, the music is often a little strange…but I oddly liked most of the songs.

Get this fun and wacky edition of Random Signal at this link:

A big thanks to Jason.
Your zombie lover,
Sir Pent


6 Responses to “Giant Robot on Random Signal podcast#79”

  1. I’m thinking we should just have a page that we can just have podcasts…kinda like Geckos “resume” idea.

  2. Yay, again!

    I haven’t kept track of all of them. I’ll write down the ones I got us onto when I’m back in NYC next week. You’ll have to write down all the ones you’ve gotten us onto.

    It is strange you didn’t write a Halloween song. How about a Thanksgiving song (although nobody can top Adam Sandler’s song)? Or a Channukah song (again, Sandler would be tough to beat)? Or a Christmas song? Maybe some pagan holiday? Yuletide? The Ember days?

    Spent the day in Yellow Springs, Ohio, playing vintage guitars at Rita Caz’s and perusing the used books at Dark Star Books (played a 1960s custom Epiphone hollow-body electric, and a Martin 12-string. Sweet. Could afford neither). Gator might get a kick out of one book I found, too: Michael Moorcock’s Swords Trilogy. Endless geek fun.

  3. The LFA saga continues…..

  4. The Resume / Podcast page is an excellent idea. It’s got an added benefit in that it really helps out the Podcasters as well.

  5. Yeah…somebody should do that…

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